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Energy-saving environmental protection portable air conditioner in autumn and winter season can also be used

Winter comes, energy saving and environmental protection in the market, the number of portable air conditioner sales are also increasing. As the temperature continues to decrease, everyone’s activities are gradually transferred from the outdoor to the interior. Modern people average 90% of the time indoors, 65% of the time at home. US experts have shown that the degree of indoor air pollution than outdoor air serious two to five times, in special circumstances can reach 100 times.

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And who are often indoors and subject to indoor air pollution hazards? Those children, pregnant women, the elderly and chronic patients, especially children! There are two reasons, on the one hand, the child’s body is growing, breathing by weight than adults 50% higher;

On the other hand, children spend more than 80% of their time indoors. At present, to enter the autumn and winter season, which means the arrival of the heating season, many families choose to relocate new homes at this time, people, especially children in indoor activities longer, and because people in order to prevent cold warmth, window time, resulting in indoor Poor air quality and indoor dryness. And dry weather will lead to an increase in respirable particulate matter, to speed up the spread of epidemics. The children of weak resistance, more vulnerable to the virus attack, therefore, autumn and winter season, children should be concerned about the health of breathing.

How to purify the indoor air is also a problem, understand the performance of today’s portable air conditioner products are relatively good, especially in environmental protection is the design of outstanding, to create a better indoor environment-friendly portable air conditioners manufacturers are also painstakingly.

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