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Portable Air Conditioner 2016 Fashion Display Industrial Portable Air Cooler Buy Industrial Air Cooler Protable Air Cooler Industrial Portable Air Cooler

Portable Air Conditioner 2016 Fashion Display Industrial Portable Air Cooler Buy Industrial Air Cooler Protable Air Cooler Industrial Portable Air Cooler

SKU: Portable-Air-Conditioner-005

Electrical Water Cooler Air Conditioner With Powerful Airflow, China Hot Sell High Quality Only Cooling Split Air Conditioner, Home Use Very Portable Diesel Generator, Auto Start Diesel Generator, Single Cylinder Diesel Generator Honda, Hot Sale R407C R134A Qxr33E Inverter Refrigeration Compressor 1Hp R22 Air Conditioner Home. Quick Details
Brand Name:FH
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China (Mainland)
Power Source:Electrical, USB&Battery,4AAA batteries&usb
Power Type:DC
Cooling or Heating:Cooling Only
Certification:CB, CE, CSA, EMC, EMF, GS, LFGB, RoHS, SASO, UL, UR
Power (W):3, Portable Air Conditioner is 5
Voltage (V):12
Model Number:FH-jz-9001
Portable Air Conditioner Name:4AAA Battery Mini Portable Air Conditioner For Cars
Portable Air Conditioner size:165*84*55mm
Color of Portable Air Conditioner:black or blue
Weight of Portable Air Conditioner:370g
Capacity (btu):Portable Air Conditioner is 5

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Mini portable air conditioner packaging: 1 color box or pcs 2 60pcs or ctn 3 Carton size:65*43*43cm
Delivery Detail:5-10days
SpecificationsMini Portable Air Conditioner Car 1 Material: ABS 2 Color: pink or black or blue 3 Fast delivery

  • Description

    Product Description

    12V Portable Air Conditioner Room Mini Air Conditioner Feature 1 Safe: Without Blades Exposed, No Possibility To Hurt People And Pets By Blade Cutting. 2 Portable: Mini Size, Simple And Convenient, Easy To Carry And Use. 3 Enviromental: Adopt Eco-Friendly Water Cooling Concept, Provides You Not Only The Cool Wind, But Also The Moist Fresh Air. 4 Smooth Air: The Bladeless Fan Uses An Airfoil-Shaped Ramp To Amplify The Airflow To Create A Cool Blast Of Smooth Air Without The Unpleasant Buffeting Caused By Spinning Blades. 5 Easy To Clean: Simple Bladeless Design, Very Easy To Clean. 6 Energy-Saving: No Voltage Impact, Stable And Fluent, Just Consumes As Half Energy As An Conventional Fan. 7 Powered By: Usb Cable 4 X Aaa Batteries(Not Included) Package Include: 1&Times; Smile Pattern Portable Small Fan &Amp; Mini Air Conditioner 1&Times; Usb Cable 1&Times; 65Ml Water Bottle 1&Times; Water-Cooled Sponge Note: Requires Water To Be Added Every 1-2 Hours. Unit Will Still Operate As A Normal Fan (Without Cooling Function) Without Water. Battery Duration Lasts Approximately 4 Hours At Max Power Find Out How Much Handy Cooler Can Cool The Air By (In &Deg;F) Under A Given Temperature And Ambient Relative Humidity!
    Handy Cooler Temperature Cooling Performance
    Ambient Temp. &Deg;F Ambient Relative Humidity (%)
    10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90
    50 9 8.3 6.8 6 5 3.8 3 2 0.8
    60 11.3 9.8 8.3 6.8 6 5 3 2.3 2
    70 15 14 11 8.3 6.8 5.3 3.8 2.3 2
    80 18 16 12 9.8 8 6 5 3 2
    90 22 17 15 11.3 9 8 5.3 3 2
    100 24 20.3 19 14 11.3 8.3 6 3.8 2
    110 27 23 20 15 12 9 6.8 5 2
    120 30 25 22 15 12 9 6.8 5 2
    130 – 27 23 17 14 9.8 8 5 2.3 Thak You For Your Reading.If You Have Any Question Or Interested In Our Products,Please Feel Free To Contact Us.

    Tips On Environment Up A House Gym
    Summer And Fall Heat All Through The U.S. Can Be Unbearable If You Don’T Have Central Air Conditioning. A Window Conditioner Is Frequently A Great Alternative. But If You Can’T Use A Window Unit, Or You Want To Air Situation Much More Than One Space, Then A Transportable Air Conditioning Device May Be Your Very Best Choice.

    You Also Require To Change Pc Space Cooling Systems When The Space Itself Changes. If Your Company Is Growing And You Double The Size Of The Server Space To Hold More Devices, Do Not Just Assume That The Exact Same Industrial Portable Air Conditioner Will Be Up To The Job. You Require To Get A New 1 In Place That Can Be Used In The Larger Space. You Can Also Just Add A Second 1 To Complement The First Device. Altering Situations Require To Be Taken Into Account Even When Every Thing Is Working Properly.

    One Way To Save Cash On Energy Is To Buy An Energy Effective Unit. You Can Figure Out This By Searching At The Eer (Power Efficiency Ratio). The Higher The Eer The Much Better. A Device With An Eer Of Ten Uses Fifty Percent The Energy Of A Device With An Eer Of 5.

    Just As I Grabbed It, The Dumb Luck Gods Came Via. A Blast Of Awesome Air Began Dispersing All Through The Ninety Degree Living Space, And All Was Correct With The Globe. The Sister Came In With Her Tool Belt And Actually Looked A Bit Disappointed That She Didn’T Get To Hammer Something.

    Similar To Window And Centralized Kinds, The Cooling Capability Of Transportable Types Is Also Measured In British Thermal Units (Btus). The Btu Ratings Of Portables Variety From 5000 To 12000. Because Of Their Compact Form-Factor, These Models Are Intended To Awesome Smaller Spaces Like Bedrooms, Research Rooms Or Workplaces. For Example, A 5000 Btu Transportable Is The Necessity For One Hundred Fifty Sq. Ft. Room.

    The Giovanni Piano Package Is A Roll Out Transportable Piano Keyboard To Create Songs On The Go! The Package Consists Of Everything You Need To Discover And Play Piano. It’S Enjoyable, Compact And Convenient, Ideal For Children And Adults Who Enjoy Songs.

    The Vent Hose, Or Hoses. The Vent Hose Is Essentially An Exhaust Hose Through Which Hot Air Is Eliminated From The Space Becoming Cooled. The Hose Operates From The Unit To Some Location Exactly Where The Heat Air Can Be Launched, This Kind Of As A Window, Another Space Or A Drop Ceiling.

    The Last Type Of Multipurpose Cooling Enthusiast Devices Is Mini Followers, Which Are A Smaller Edition Of Desk Followers. They Are Easier To Transfer Around With Than A Desk Enthusiast Since They Are Smaller Sized. These Fans Can Either Be Run On Usb Or Battery Operated While Other People Are Powered By Photo Voltaic.

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