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portable air conditioner industry only to pick up the warmer to focus on the future development of intelligent

By the domestic economic restructuring and weak domestic and international consumer demand, since 2013, China’s economic downward pressure has been large, especially in the face of “to production capacity” of the pressure in the cold in 2015, the portable air conditioner market downturn. Although the macroeconomic is still not optimistic about 2016, but the portable air conditioner industry has shown signs of only warmer to pick up, according to Ovey cloud net total data show that 2016 cold sales reached 46.69 million units, an increase of 4.7%, sales of 154.3 billion Yuan, an increase of 2.1%.

Best to reflect the portable air conditioner market changes in the price. Since March 2016, the portable air conditioner market prices rebounded, the reason can be summarized into three aspects: First, the inventory pressure eased, by the end of the cold in 2015, the industry inventory of up to 40 million units, and as of 2016 The end of June, the inventory has dropped to 30 million units below the portable air conditioner industry to achieve a reasonable level of inventory; Second, raw material prices, into 2016, non-ferrous metals, oil and other commodity prices a strong growth in production costs, In the “supply side” under the background of reform, the public company’s product strategy to a high degree of significant transition, especially after the “smart” concept put forward, after the introduction of the product, The major manufacturers have been around the user experience to make many attempts and efforts to really “enhance the user experience” into the primary development strategy to them.

2016 cold years of domestic portable air conditioner market turn for the better, which is contrary to the expectations of most manufacturers. Although the mainstream manufacturers have been looking forward to market growth, but by the cold-year 2015 sales fell more than 8% of the impact, have lowered the expectations of the market, “said Zhang Yanbin, director of the AVIC portable air conditioner industry research institute. Most manufacturers did not expect the line is still maintained close to 60% growth, or led the overall market to achieve a small increase. Of course, can not be denied that the line is a stable market growth is the cornerstone of the overall, which makes the proportion of online less than two percent of the conditions, the overall market to achieve slight growth.

portable air conditioner industry only to pick up the warmer to focus on the future development of intelligent

For the future development of portable air conditioner industry, China Household Electrical Appliances Association, vice chairman of Xu Dongsheng also believes that the portable air conditioner industry experienced a cold in 2015 after the price war, the need to have a transition from the price war to the value of the process, the cold market in 2016 relatively stable development , Especially since March since the industry as a whole the average price rise, it is proved that the transition has achieved initial results. The future of China’s portable air conditioner industry will be in the process of intelligent products, complete the industry from low-end to high-end transformation.

Intelligent portable air conditioner industry is the preferred path of transformation and upgrading

1, intelligent demand to promote the performance of home portable air conditioner to enhance

The core of the significance of intelligent home appliances is to provide users with more convenient operation and more user-friendly services, bid farewell to the cold operation of the original era. For portable air conditioner products, the intelligent core is that, in ensuring portable air conditioner cooling, heating under the premise of the basic functions, allowing users greater freedom to participate in portable air conditioner management of air, portable air conditioner break through the machine switch mode, to achieve Human-computer interaction.

With the new technologies such as mobile Internet, large data analysis and intelligent cloud platform, the intelligent air conditioner with intelligent human-computer interaction, intelligent induction and intelligent cloud as the main features greatly enriches and enhances the performance of household air conditioners. On the one hand so that the original energy-saving, comfortable portable air conditioner performance has been a qualitative leap, not only to meet consumer habits, and can demonstrate consumer individuality. On the other hand, new technologies and functions such as human body temperature sensing, ambient environment detection, personal preference data analysis and other social functions are added to make the pure temperature regulation products an intelligent terminal.

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2, intelligent experience boost household portable air conditioner industry change

For intelligent home portable air conditioner, the user experience is fundamental, human-computer interaction, two-way interaction is the core. For the portable air conditioner industry, the “cooling and heating capacity, energy consumption, noise,” is the measure of the most basic product performance standards, and these three basic functions is the key to affect the user experience. Focus on user experience is always the direction of the development of home portable air conditioner, and portable air conditioner intelligent must also closely around the user experience to start. In the context of intelligent times, portable air conditioner to solve the “people, the environment, energy,” the intelligent cooperation between the three and interaction, let the portable air conditioner really understand the changing needs of people and the environment, but also to quickly capture changes in demand for Intelligent adjustment.

3, intelligent upgrade to promote the optimization and upgrading of portable air conditioner industrial structure

Facts have proved that price promotions is not an effective way to solve the bottleneck of the portable air conditioner industry, with the improvement of national consumption, optimization and upgrading of portable air conditioner industry is undoubtedly a recipe for consumer demand for release, and intelligent portable air conditioner will be the upgrading of industrial structure a good medicine. 2016 cold portable air conditioner sales overall smooth, but the smart portable air conditioner has shown high growth is a good example. In the domestic consumption upgrade environment, low cost of portable air conditioner products will be phased out, and personalized, intelligent, service-oriented high-end products will become the mainstream trend of future development, this will fundamentally change the portable air conditioner industry Of the structural contradictions.

4, intelligent home portable air conditioner industry to promote business model reengineering

At present, intelligent portable air conditioner companies cross-border integration of resources, “soft and hard” as the development and expansion of the technology inflection point. On the one hand the major portable air conditioner companies have released intelligent strategy, and actively explore the era of intelligent new operating system and business model. Today’s competition between enterprises, not the product of competition, but the business model of competition. On the other hand from the procurement of raw materials to manufacture, sale, the traditional portable air conditioner business model is based on hardware products and after-sales service, and into the era of intelligent portable air conditioner, portable air conditioner companies will also jump out of the original model framework, and then to the service platform Oriented business model, build manufacturers, portable air conditioner, consumption, interactive tripartite intelligent platform. Intelligent for portable air conditioner business, is a technical R & D, product upgrades, marketing, customer service, channel layout of the systematic revolution. Intelligent technology innovation, but also improve the performance of portable air conditioner products and quality, to create a new market demand.

China Refrigeration Institute Jinjia Wei believes that with the rapid development of the Internet, mobile communications and consumer upgrades to further enhance the intelligent portable air conditioner products will be an irreversible trend of the current portable air conditioner products intelligent summary of the stage is conducive to portable air conditioner intelligence Of the healthy development.

Zhang Yanbin pointed out that the current domestic appliance industry is in the early stages of intelligent development, from the various types of household electrical appliances are inconsistent in the intelligent way of the rhythm is different. In the intelligent process, although the category of portable air conditioner and electronic products, color TV can not be compared, but the three categories in the white, the intelligent portable air conditioner is still far higher than the pace of refrigerators, washing machines. At present, the proportion of intelligent portable air conditioner is only about 16%, the future development space has just been opened, as the future direction of portable air conditioner is already very clear.

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