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why the portable air conditioner is making louder noise

After a lot of old customers in the use of environmentally friendly portable air conditioner for some time, we found that the noise of the air-conditioned environment is growing, more and more small amount of wind, the cooling effect is getting worse, the majority of customers for environmentally friendly portable air conditioner this phenomenon causes and solutions way they know very little. Here are some environmentally friendly portable air conditioner cooling effect as we provide the poor, the noise becomes large, the wind becomes smaller solutions.

When installing air-conditioned environment, the choice of location on should be avoided with other objects in close contact, close installation may result in mutual collisions environmental portable air conditioner fan is running, noise, if not avoided, should choose some softer stuff, in the middle of the filling.

pinguino portable air conditioner

Environmental portable air conditioner in use for some time because of the adsorption filter a lot of dust clogging of Seoul, this time our team needed environmental conditioning maintenance and cleaning. We have many customers in the installation is complete the transfer, such as personnel changes to environmental air conditioning maintenance and cleaning missing. Environmentally friendly portable air conditioner filters clogged after only noise becomes large, the cooling effect will be getting worse over time, will greatly reduce the serious environmental life of air conditioning.
So we have to remind the majority of users of air conditioning and environmental protection in the use of the process do not forget the machine maintenance. If you find a small amount of environmentally friendly portable air conditioner duct or the cooling effect of the poor, most likely because there is no filter to clean the filter leads to congestion.

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