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panasonic central portable air conditioner master iii landing double twelve

To tell you a horrible story: double-twelfth again! First, double-eleven, but also black Friday, in this trip “pain and happiness,” the consumer journey, the small partners is not a “body was “Hollowed out” feeling? Twelve eyes and looked at the door, and his mouth said, “Do not,” the body is very honest, silently opened the online shopping site login page … …

Chop hands must see, your side of the import “sharp cargo”

If in the past people online shopping is to cheap, now is to more convenient to enjoy high quality of life, after all, fingertips gently draw – French wine, Swiss watch, Italy bag, Panasonic toilet cover and portable air conditioner Etc., that at your fingertips.

In fact, enjoy the excellent quality of imported brands and services, not necessarily across the sea, with China’s consumer market in the global status of the increasing number of international brands will be cutting-edge products directly into the Chinese market, to achieve global synchronization. In the field of home central portable air conditioner, Panasonic main push of the MASTER III series of products in advance of the end of the year set off a hot craze.

“MASTER III series is our high-end products for high-quality residential, such as small villas, fashion apartments, not only in energy-saving aspects of excellence, more user-friendly intelligent function settings, can provide users with flexible, energy saving, comfortable, intelligent One of the all-round air solution. “Matsushita portable air conditioner official said:” In addition, we also know that double-twelve such network festivals for Chinese consumers is very important, so we launched a series of official micro-store Thank the activities, concerned about the official micro-Panasonic Panasonic central portable air conditioner consumers have the opportunity to get the gift we sent.

Panasonic central portable air conditioner

End of the year benefits, good machine a clean sweep

honeywell portable air conditioner

As a continuous upgrade of the MASTER series, MASTER III Panasonic original imported DC inverter compressor, the efficiency and skills are superior. Experiments show that Panasonic central portable air conditioner MASTER III IPLV (C) far exceeds the state promulgated the energy efficiency rating of a standard, in the industry advanced level.

In addition, for most cities in China, the phenomenon of frequent haze in winter, MASTER III Series 05,06 two models can also be equipped with additional nanoe-G nano-ion generating device for the modern family to create a comprehensive lifestyle of a healthy lifestyle. The report provided by the national authority of the testing report that the nanoe-G nano-ion generating device on the PM2.5 and bacteria removal rate of up to about 99%. On this basis, the optimized mute technology, PM2.5 filter, R410A efficient new environmentally friendly new refrigerant and other human technology, are the series of products to become an important component of high-end lifestyle elements.


panasonic central portable air conditioner master iii landing double twelve

Second, the consumer log Panasonic Matsushita official micro-shop to buy models tail number for the whole of the network products can enjoy the “100 deposit arrived 800” benefits; Second, consumers log Panasonic Matsushita portable air conditioner official micro- 05,06-based MASTER III products, according to the number of users of the indoor unit, you can receive a corresponding number of free value of 699 yuan nanoe-G generating device; Third, if the amount of consumer purchase standards, but also to participate in one yuan Redemption activities, prizes, including Panasonic, Panasonic car air purifier, Panasonic Yuba, Panasonic air purifier, Panasonic portable electric toothbrushes and other Panasonic products.

In addition, as long as consumers concerned about the official micro-Matsushita central portable air conditioner to participate in the activities of the turntable, more Panasonic Jiele intelligent toilet seat, Panasonic portable razor, Panasonic mobile power and other rich Gifts waiting for you to come and collect!

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