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onlookers hisense brand of high end portable air conditioner brand new lead favored

Qingdao December 9, “Heating Festival” Yu Wen was not canceled, double 12 in close proximity, and December 10 days to the super-brand, Hisense portable air conditioner in the traditional off-season market and open an empty window, joint TV, refrigerator and other product line generous input, large-scale business linkage, in the national home appliance market once again ignite the upsurge of buying boutique!

For the user, this is a rare universal feast; for Hisense, this is a year-end performance ending sprint moment; for the industry, this is a high-end value began to compete for the clarion call. Therefore, the home appliance industry annual good show debut, exciting Aspect quickly led to market crowd.

Brand Day is about to lift the whirlwind

2016 from the end of 2016 there are more than 20 days before the dust is about to be settled, before and after December 10, Hisense brand day quietly to once again set off a huge portable air conditioner industry momentum, unprecedented efforts to popularize the storm boutique.

According to Hisense portable air conditioner marketing staff, Hisense Super Brand Day, the flagship brand detonated with the user exclusive customization, different from the traditional business promotion focused on low prices or traditional old product inventory, but based on the user’s high quality of life, As well as the high-end consumer demand is being upgraded to build a return for the quality of the family’s exclusive, the main push of new technologies, high-quality boutique, and specifically for brand users to build special promotions.

In particular, the brand day to give full play to Hisense Group, the advantages of the whole product line, in the country and more active launch of the “factory outlet” This is respected by the new market, users can buy one-stop portable air conditioner, TV, Home appliances, and enjoy the benefits of multiple surprises, combined with Hisense 47 years of quality assurance, the same 47 years of trust, “plant celebration” to the value of special machine is only 4747 yuan to repay the majority of users at the same time all users receive coupons free of charge The price of 48 yuan a gift; can “1 per bid” the world’s best home appliances, pumping awards high-end “air purifier” and so on, household appliances market whirlwind rapidly warming.

New warm winter fashion recycling

The second half of this year, the portable air conditioner consumer market presents a trend of high-end. Hisense took the opportunity to open the brand of high-end upgrade channel, in November listed high-end new Colorful portable air conditioner X720, Hisense this year to high-end new consumer-driven consumer market transformation, one of the important results.

It is reported that the bright color portable air conditioner X720 is a fast super heating “,” three-color lamp intelligent temperature control “,” energy-efficient “and other differentiated product performance, the product is launched, it quickly hit the national consumption upgrade pain points, has Set off in the heating section of the first round of buying craze, portable air conditioner market has become the limelight of the high-end new products.

Measured by the Chinese Institute of home appliances, open the super-heating mode Hisense Bright portable air conditioner the actual outlet temperature after 3 seconds to reach 47.5 ℃, and continuously improve with the shortest time to reach a constant temperature state. Plus 120 ° wide-angle air supply, with 1,100 cubic meters per hour of large circulating air flow, the heat evenly conduction in every corner of the room to solve the traditional portable air conditioner compressor heating capacity due to lack of temperature, slow,

In addition, the product caters to the modern family and consumer aesthetic orientation, the appearance is not only beautiful novel, high-end fashion, placed in any occasion are regarded as an ornamental works of art, and the first three-color lights intelligent temperature control application switching mode, Red heating, blue cooling, green net super temperature control performance panoramic view.

Technology to get through the high-end upgrade channel

In fact, this year’s Hisense portable air conditioner almost every month a new rhythm, has introduced a new generation of Hyun turn portable air conditioner, portable air conditioner goddess, pearl portable air conditioner, European Cup commemorative models “Xiao Xuanfeng” portable air conditioner and a series of differentiated boutique, these After the listing of products quickly detonated in the high-end consumer market, a break through the price war industry imprisonment, the first raised the value of war, quality warfare, the banner of technical warfare.

The domestic “frequency power to send” Hisense to technology, product innovation and smooth opening of the portable air conditioner industry, high-end upgrade channel around the user needs and product experience constant frequency technology innovation and innovation in the integration of intelligent technology, not only heat frequency popular storm, And truly master the portable air conditioner industry in energy saving, intelligence, comfort, health and other core direction of the trend of innovation, such as subverting the traditional portable air conditioner air supply system 360 ° air system, or the first nanoe nano water ionization technology, and break the industry Record of 16.5 dB ultra-quiet technology and so on.

onlookers hisense brand of high end portable air conditioner brand new lead favored

It is reported that Hisense has recently by virtue of “based on a double-cross-flow duct technology art air conditioner” This innovative project stand out in one fell swoop gains “2016 Chinese home appliance technology progress award”, which is it in Germany IFA exhibition Frequency technology upgrades and product innovation, scientific and technological achievements in one fell swoop off the “Technology Innovation Award” and “Product Innovation Award” again after the technological innovation capacity Shuaping portable air conditioner industry.

Data show that Hisense inverter air conditioner sales accounted for more than 85% of its own, becoming the first inverter to achieve universal access to the enterprise line. From the domestic portable air conditioner market, the first warm winter “heating section”, to a series of strong detonation of the “brand day”, have to say, Hisense portable air conditioner through a section of exquisite products and a field of explosive enough to market activity is still in the adjustment Period of the portable air conditioner market to open a new road, not only in the universal universal inverter air conditioner, it is the popularization of inverter air conditioner boom from the low-end to high-end, speed up the industry to speed up the frequency of the industrial upgrading process.

Industry experts point out that this year, Hisense portable air conditioner first use of sports marketing sponsorship of the European Cup and the Olympic Games, and then use the “off-season Wang do” thinking to open the heating section, near the end of the year, ushered in super brand day, to consumers A wave of children and a wave of children’s surprise. It is worth looking forward to, Hisense has become the new season 2016-2017 China Badminton Club Super League official partner, the second quarter sports marketing is expected to have new moves, new games.

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