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off season portable air conditioner market is no longer calm

Hisense portable air conditioner heating Festival who moved

In the eyes of many people, the traditional portable air conditioner market in the summer lively after is deserted. Hisense view, only the off-season thinking there is no off-season market, especially in the National Day and double-eleven between the window period there is a huge market space.

As early as three years ago, portable air conditioner giant Hisense sharp pinpoint “heating” fulcrum, test the water off-season wang practices make generous investment, massive “heating festival”, creative expansion of high-end market demand space, now after 3 years Many of the market operation, user training, heating section has been successfully created for each winter a national purchase fine inverter portable air conditioner carnival, energy-efficient inverter air conditioner boutique to play a leading role. With this year’s heating festival curtain, energy subsidies, Bright portable air conditioner and other new content in the market rapid fermentation, triggering a new wave of recognition of tide, buy tide.

Take the initiative to seize the market upgrade window period

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For many portable air conditioner manufacturers, the face of increased competition in the home appliance market, the bottom of the situation in the end how bad is no longer important. Importantly, what to expand in the high-end market space and muster the confidence of the high-end transformation, especially in the upcoming double-11 electricity providers to promote consumption of wild drama, also further shows that a new generation of market demand for improvement is not in the doldrums, But the lack of effective products and means to impress consumers.

The Hisense portable air conditioner “heating festival” detonated on the surface is the theme of the portable air conditioner to promote large-scale heating, in time for the carnival before the double-11 window to complete a business initiative to create festival, businesses involved in promoting the final consumer To benefit the off-season terminal market strong detonation.

However, in fact it is Hisense portable air conditioner through the “off-season Wang do” thinking, “resources ahead of time to focus on retail channels to put” means to help a large number of portable air conditioner dealers to complete the inventory upgrade and confidence in the product, and ultimately in the Winter consumption on the market a comprehensive upgrade.

In the “heating section” to start the day, Hisense portable air conditioner in Shandong “base camp” market gathered from the province more than 70% of the core home appliance distributors to participate in mobilization, identification chips, but also shouted in the field high-profile “100 billion Hisense, Shandong “The market slogan, Hisense portable air conditioner started strong position.

Insiders pointed out that Hisense portable air conditioner this initiative, for the dealers and consumers to consider creating a win-win thinking has been rare. It is foreseeable that this co-ordinated multi-force collaborative warfare, will reshape the confidence of many portable air conditioner dealers, for consumers to create a new opportunity to purchase.

Obvious advantages: strong strength detonated by strength

It is not difficult to find, this time Hisense portable air conditioner heating activities active Sword, a strong detonation, for portable air conditioner dealers have three distinct advantages are obvious, fully grasp and use, can really complete in the terminal market to actively snatch.

First, the product has a selling point: The heating section of Hisense flagship is differentiated inverter air conditioner, all one or two of the energy-efficient frequency. Including the goddess of pearl portable air conditioner, bright portable air conditioner two new products to join the fine lineup, in addition to cost-effective advantage, as well as the appearance and function of differentiation, the formation and the current market is fixed frequency portable air conditioner mainly differentiated pattern. More importantly, as a frequency conversion expert Hisense, the past 20 years of product technology accumulation and finally in the current front-line competition to be detonated.

Second, the market dare to invest: You can see the Hisense openly claimed to take dual 11 online price, put the line to the market to detonate, which is released to all businesses and consumers a signal, as long as the manufacturers are willing to invest, And consumers can also get better than online products, prices and other resources. It is noteworthy that Hisense portable air conditioner set up a special subsidy funds for environmental policies, to give consumers additional energy subsidies, precision cut national policy requirements and market demand to upgrade the pain point.

Third, the brand pull: In fact, for the entire appliance market, the Hisense brand influence in recent years, showing a steady rise in attitude. Especially in the Hisense TV, refrigerators and other strong development and lead the situation, formed with the Hisense portable air conditioner to keep pace with the new pattern of business. In this year’s European Cup, as well as during the Olympic Games, Hisense as a brand sponsor full debut, continues to lead the community’s attention. This is to allow businesses to compete in the front-line market, consumers can be released to greater confidence.

Hisense portable air conditioner marketing company general manager Wang Chengquan pointed out that “with a high-end portable air conditioner consumer boom opened for technology, products and marketing, and many other advantages of Hisense portable air conditioner, the responsibility for more powerful detonation of this round of consumer change vane . “

off season portable air conditioner market is no longer calm

Industry detonation: the achievements of the new banner industry

At present, to Hisense as the representative of a large number of portable air conditioner industry giants, through active detonation of the market and to meet consumer demand action and initiatives to allow more portable air conditioner business aware of: against the current sailing. In the home appliance industry downward pressure to increase the environment, sit still is not conducive to chronic suicide, but can not expect “a stroke effective.”

Competent enterprises are always concerned about any subtle market opportunities, whether it is off-season, or busy season, will carefully cultivate the market, not just to meet the demand, is still creating, activate the potential demand. Has been the implementation of three consecutive years of Hisense portable air conditioner heating section, not just completed the portable air conditioner market demand for innovative meet, more important is to achieve “early bird bird eat” is to take advantage of the case, Shot in advance to grab market share and cake.

In fact, Hisense portable air conditioner before the two heating Festival has caused no small sensation in the industry, with the rapid heating section of the third quarter detonated. Some portable air conditioner companies even began to emulate, to come in, trying to segment the fall and winter market. Thus, the so-called off-season, but some people form a stereotype in the brain fills, not out of attack, how can the peak season?

Insiders pointed out that the current front-line market competition is complex and volatile, portable air conditioner companies and businesses need creativity and imagination, take the initiative to actively participate in each node and take the occasion to dig deep, detonated demand, a new round of scale expansion, product upgrades Match point. Similar to the promotion of heating section, other manufacturers in the form of brands such as the day followed, but Hisense this year, “buy portable air conditioner to see heating, select the frequency to see energy efficiency” new ideas, through the highest quality, energy-efficient frequency upgrade The young consumer demand, and guide consumer trendy, plug in the portable air conditioner market, “heating energy” a new banner, which has branded the market blank, is bound to irreplaceable.

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