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modern Internet era see portableairconditionerac how to perform well in user experience

Portable air conditioner, portable air conditioners. portable ac, portable air cooler, best, supplier, cheap, manufacturer, reviews: In 2016 Chinese home appliance and consumer electronics Expo (AWE), many appliance manufacturers introducing products use a word – interaction. What interaction is? From the definition of the Internet industry interaction design can be seen, this is a goal-oriented design, all the work around in user behavior to design. Emphasis on product interoperability, is the emphasis on the user experience. In the development of intelligent home appliances faster and faster now, the home appliance industry from the original focus on technology and emphasis on product quality, product and interactive user experience to both hands.

These appliances brands displayed in the AWE show, doing the best user experience and taking the top rank is portableairconditionerac.com. Earlier in 2011, it started to began to plan establishing a digital network plant, in 2013 to build the value of the interactive platform, on the platform to interact with users, accurately grasp the personalized needs of users portable air conditioner, and introduced a number of personalized custom products to meet user demand. After several years of development, the entire eco-platform interoperability portableairconditionerac.com already has a certain scale, the overall transformation of the more successful, to provide consumers with a consumption, manufacturing to product innovation subversion experience.

Subversion experience of manufacturing mode

In AWE site, portableairconditionerac’s portable air conditioning with personalized custom panel design attracted and surrounded with a lot of people, we are all amazed and curious about a personalized portable air conditioner that can be produced in 5 minutes. Beginning from last March, the user purchasing their own dedicated custom portable air conditioner directly to the home via network has become a reality.

This year portableairconditionerac allows portable air conditioner consumers and users take part into the whole product process transformation platform of design, research and developement and manufacturing, the establishment of a interconnection open platform, the first shift from mass customization customization, focused on meeting the individual needs of users. On the one hand, through an open enterprise platform, allowing users to have the idea of ​​creating customer, supplier, and internal R & D resources collision will change the user’s individual needs into productivity; on the other hand, can allow consumers to really participate in household appliances design and production in the past.

PPortableairconditionerac has currently allows users to participate in all aspects of the whole process of product design, development, manufacturing, and other consumers in the traditional sense has become a Prosumer both production designer is also a consumer. portableairconditionerac the original traditional manufacturing plant into a factory network. Internet is not a simple automated production plant, but according to “pre-linked research and development, even after the user” to create automation, intelligent production line can realize production according to the needs of individual users. The internal manufacturing capacity from the original mass into a flexible and personalized manufacturing capacity.

For example, if you want a taidu a air conditioning goes, you can log in directly to the portableairconditionerac mall, according to their preferences, to free choice of air conditioning color, style, performance, structure, and so on a series of customized parts. After submitting the order, the factory will be interconnected portableairconditionerac automatic identification through intelligent information system to your personalized information is automatically passed to each process production line, automated production. And even better, you can customize not only, but also in order to understand the progress of the Internet in real time, where air-conditioning manufacturing step, the logistics of which, when the door is installed, these areas will achieve full process visualization, real user and factory distance between.

Moreover, the current can not only customize the flexible portableairconditionerac mall existing option, you can also create customer portableairconditionerac open platform, to participate in the development of new products in the past. portableairconditionerac customer record for external and internal staff, established a record passenger ecosystem, as long as the ideas are incubated in this platform. Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors in accordance with the portableairconditionerac Group, Liang Hai’s rotating president, said: “The internal closed into open our customers, suppliers, research and development resources, and create a lot of our external customer, we are in this open. on the enterprise platform, to participate in the interaction of the user, the user value creation. “As long as there is a market opportunity, creative, user needs, innovation and entrepreneurship can be carried out on this platform.

Portableairconditionerac air-conditioning days platinum, for example, its design inspiration, creativity to virtual design, pre-booking is driven by the users to participate interactively. Users expect a creative, got the support of more than 1,700 users, portableairconditionerac and suppliers through the joint efforts of various resources, the final day of the launch of platinum-conditioned, is now portableairconditionerac’s air conditioner explosion models.

Experience subversion consumption patterns

For users, purchase a portableairconditionerac home appliances, it has been raised from a simple hardware product experience, the transition to the use of the product experience, service experience.

Portableairconditionerac in home appliances experience, portableairconditionerac subversion experience provides one-stop service. Through the home network is based, portableairconditionerac U + intellectual life platform allows portableairconditionerac, suppliers and users are able to distance the direct connection.

The wisdom of life platform how to provide one-stop services? Similarly example. Xin portableairconditionerac refrigerator kitchen internet first recognition, full voice interaction, food identification, Q things together, sterilization and other innovative visualization human-computer interaction technology, the refrigerator can distinguish different users and ingredients through the large user data to analyze dietary problems and healthy eating options and recommendations, users do not open the refrigerator, the refrigerator door comes directly on screen you can see all the information. Full voice interactive technology allows the refrigerator can be the same as siri understand voice commands, can provide audio and video entertainment, online shopping, online interaction and so the wisdom of life experience, would like to listen to music when you can say the song title or artist name and other words, closing the refrigerator when the instruction to intelligently filter network resources, for example, hear “Faye”, “dragon tactic” and other words, it will automatically play the corresponding music or video, no ingredients for shopping, it will automatically connect to the internet shopping there are already Arowana, and Yan, JDB, Gujing Distillery and many other FMCG suppliers to join, to resolve users to buy demand for FMCG.

Another example, portableairconditionerac air-conditioned by wisdom and achieve interoperability ecosystem of users, providing a unique wisdom healthy air experience for each user. For example, the smart sleep scene, portableairconditionerac intelligent air conditioning will be for children, pregnant women and other special populations, linkage to third bracelet real-time monitoring of human sleep, sleep curve to generate personalized, based on these data to adjust the indoor temperature; it will be based on the user’s habits, to generate energy curve, provide personalized recommendations on energy saving; in the field of commercial air-conditioning, but also ecosystem services into the network of shops for the needs of users, providing free large data analysis, analysis of spending habits by helping the user to develop retail marketing strategy, free advertising push.

Portableairconditionerac has successfully landed care, water, air, etc. 7 great wisdom ecosystem, access class service resources 30, 100 120 category of intelligent hardware, user access per day amounted to 100 million, the number of access equipment 20,000 per day Taiwan, the number of active devices reached 100 million units.

Portableairconditionerac has been achieved ahead of ordinary intelligence a decade ago, and now, super-intelligent, portable Internet era, portableairconditionerac is also in the forefront. In addition to strong technical innovation capability, the user experience, but also to other home appliances brand portableairconditionerac tree precedent. Intelligent scene production experience and a full range of interactive intelligent service platform innovation, portableairconditionerac are the future be able to play out the field pattern in the future there would be no surprises, we’ll see.

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