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Mobile side into the electricity competition for the main battlefield domestically produced air conditioning

With the rapid development of the Internet, online shopping has become the new people’s main consumption patterns, with the rapid development of smart phone users, more than 500 million smart phone users for the development of mobile operators laid a solid mass base. In addition, 3G, 4G network in the country continue to popular, affordable mobile phone side to buy the model and convenient means of payment, and further promote the upgrade to enter the “thumb war”, the mobile end of a single volume accounted for 60.8%, has become an electrician Compete for the main battlefield.

According to the reporter learned that this year’s 6.18 online shopping section is unusually lively and hot, with Jingdong, Lynx, Gome, Suning and other major electric business have war, 6.18 has been from the Jingdong “private feast” developed into ” The Low-cost promotions, bonus feedback, the major electricity business never tired, and consumers are reluctant to let this great opportunity to actively participate in enthusiastic carnival.

6.18 air-conditioning online sales over 1 billion Jingdong into the biggest winner

6.18 is Jingdong day, as the host, from May 25th Jingdong first layout, “booking as low as 5 fold” promotional way GF “hero posts”, opened the battle of the whole network prelude. From June 1 – 20, Jingdong successive moves: “1000 back to 1000, big-name low-cost walk, home appliances special carnival, peak huge benefits” to seize the initiative.

In the face of Jingdong put the full of gunpowder flavor of the ring, Laotian first challenge, from June 1 onwards launched the “sharp goods to grab the first purchase; grab red package to earn subsidies” activities, staged a 2015 “cats and dogs decisive battle capital of the capital Top “. With the country the United States online “Sword before the whistle, Sword berserk 4 days” and Suning Tesco “berserk 6 days 6 nights” to join, the whole network fierce battle instant upgrade.

According to Ovid data show that 6.18 sales of three days on-line air conditioning sales amounted to 1.06 billion yuan, of which Jingdong Mall accounted for 54.7% of sales, Lynx Mall sales accounted for 20.8%, Suning, Gome and other vertical electricity sales accounted for 24.5%, Jingdong Mall into 6.18 air-conditioning battle the biggest winner.

According to Ovid data, 6.18 online promotions, intelligent air-conditioning sales penetration rate of 23.7%, fixed frequency hangs sales penetration rate of 49.1%, frequency on-hook sales penetration rate of 38.1%, fixed speed machine sales penetration of 9 %, Inverter cabinet sales penetration rate of 3.8%, online sales or low-end air-conditioning products mainly.

Foreign air-conditioning all dominate the domestic brands dominate

carrier portable air conditioner

According to Ovid statistics show that 6.18 during the Gree to 21.5% share of sales accounted for the first, Oaks, the United States were 15.4%, 14.2% accounted for two or three, Haier (13%), Kelon (8.6 %), Galanz (7.4%), Zhigao (4.7%), TCL (4.2%), Hisense (3.5%), Changhong (1.7%) followed by the top ten. From the data can be seen, the top ten are all domestic brands, foreign air-conditioning all fall.

According to Ovid statistics 6.18 days cat platform best-selling models TOP10 ranking, Kelon 3 speed fixed KFR-35GW / ERVMN3 air conditioning with sales share of 6.2%, 4.8% share of sales, the average price of 1697 yuan outstanding data ranked first Best selling models. Gree air-conditioning with a fixed share of 6.1%, sales share of 8.1%, the average price of 2868 yuan ranked second. Galanz 2 fixed speed hangers KF-23GW / LP47-150 (2) air conditioning to 5.9% share of sales, sales share of 2%, the average price of 730 yuan ranked third. In the top ten selling models, Galanz selected 5, Gree selected 2, Kelon selected 1, Oaks selected 1, Haier selected 1.

In addition, Ovid statistics 6.18 Jingdong Mall best-selling models TOP 10 ranking, Gree three-stage fixed-speed machine KFR-26GW / (26595) AA-3 air-conditioning with sales share of 3.2%, 2.8% share of sales, the average price of 2097 yuan Excellent results won the championship. Gree air conditioner with a 3.2% share of sales, sales share of 3.4%, the average price of 2565 yuan finished the final runner-up. Oaks 3-speed fixed-hook KFR-25GW / FK01 + 3 air-conditioning to 3% share of sales, sales share of 2.2%, the average price of 1769 yuan finished third. In the top ten selling models, Gree selected 3, Oaks selected 3, Galanz selected 2, TCL selected 2 models.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s climate scientist earlier announced that due to the El Niño event again, 2015 may be the most hot year since the climate record. Continued high temperature weather, air conditioning market will also usher in strong sales.

China Electronic Chamber of Commerce Deputy Secretary-General Lu Renbo to the home appliance network reporter pointed out that relying on price war to take market share, can only bring a temporary increase in the development of the entire air conditioning industry, there are harm without harm. Enterprises only increase the technological innovation and research and development to market consumer demand as the starting point to speed up the improvement of air conditioning product structure in order to ensure the air conditioning industry steady and sustainable development.

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