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Mobile air conditioning quietly listed on the sale

Recently, a special air-conditioning products – mobile air-conditioning quietly listed in the Chongqing market. Reporters noted that, from the appearance point of view, this type of air conditioning and hot summer air conditioning fan almost, but slightly larger size. It is understood that the most important feature of mobile air conditioning is the need for special installation, you can easily move to the user needs to cool the room.

compare portable air conditioner

Mobile air conditioning in foreign countries have more than 20 years of history, in the domestic market, because consumers are relatively low awareness, and the cost of market cultivation is relatively high, so just in the initial stage. At present, TCL, Gree and other air-conditioning manufacturers have tried to launch this product.

According to TCL Delong Electric person in charge, compared with the traditional split home air conditioning, mobile air conditioning has a high technological content, so the price is relatively high. Such as a mobile air-conditioning price of about 2800 yuan or so, higher than ordinary fixed air-conditioning around 1,000 yuan.

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