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lifting the largest winter portable air conditioner industry buying tide

December of the Chinese home appliance market is bound to be crowded. Not to mention the electric double-12 all household appliances brand collective moves, and December 25 Christmas and New Year’s Day at the beginning of New Year’s Day will be detonated in advance. It can be said that the home appliance industry will be the first in December to ignite the winter fire.

However, before entering the 12 months, many home appliance business to receive the message to Kelon portable air conditioner, led by a number of leading brands have been shown promotional tool to brand day, the super-snapped up and other forms of a promotional boom. In this fierce battle among the portable air conditioner giant, Kelon portable air conditioner full fire (promotion), technology blessing (an energy efficiency product upgrades), the value of entry barrier (user upgrade) three strokes staged December brand day ahead of the attack , To lift the portable air conditioner industry this year, the most world’s best, the highest cost-effective consumer buying boom.

Fire full: the factory price of direct sales, buy one get one free

Into the end of the year-end, for all portable air conditioner business, are facing a round of market terminal detonated a major upgrade to Kelon portable air conditioner, led by the veteran leader is not the case. This time, will be on December 10, the full line of detonated “Kelon super brand Day” theme promotion, in November began to warm up, locking the rigid consumer demand, activate the potential consumer demand.

The Kelon brand to promote a large venue to promote direct sales, hotel direct sales, factory outlets and other forms, through the million stores to buy linkage 8 hours, copy the county and other channels to build the whole urban and rural areas to build large-scale integration of marketing platform. All consumers in advance to buy 20 yuan worth of tickets, you can get free value of 48 yuan of gifts, while Kelon exclusive portable air conditioner within the purchase price of the world’s best discount. Can be said that the full sales of firepower.

In the form of promotions, Kelon portable air conditioner is also a lot of thought, hit the user rigid demand and pain points. In a one-step factory price of direct supply, buy one get one free, the second set of half-price and other none other, based on the combination of the current needs of family consumption, planning to buy Kelon portable air conditioner to send the value of 1399 yuan intelligent cleaning robots and a series of buy gifts promotions , Can be said to offer heavy, unprecedented intensity. More importantly, in the product, Kelon line of energy-efficient portable air conditioner in one fell swoop to participate in promotions, 0 profit feedback consumers, the real value of the user to achieve maximum.

In this promotion, buy Kelon portable air conditioner 2017 cold years new: static beauty portable air conditioner to send the value of 1399 yuan intelligent cleaning robots, the industry shocked. This year’s first new 4D DC control system through the upgrading of technology applications, a breakthrough to achieve as low as 16 dB of ultra-quiet operation, 16 dB is also lighter than the whisper sound, portable air conditioner industry is undisputed mute queen.

In the industry experts view: from the static beauty of the new portable air conditioner detonated to the breakdown of the reserve price of the factory price of direct supply, buy one get one, the second set of half-price, and surprises continue Hao Li Xiang and other promotional activities Rangli layout, Kelon To achieve from the line to the line under the whole platform coverage, aimed at “the lowest in the year, a province in the end” of the intensity of the terminal market release and detonation. Can be said to release the strength and play a big brand.

Technical blessing: an energy efficiency 5C standard lead

As early as 2017 cold years to open the occasion, Kelon portable air conditioner will breath release four new energy-efficient portable air conditioner, energy-efficient technology at the same time based on their own 30 years of accumulation, the introduction of energy-efficient portable air conditioner energy efficiency 5C standard, In the technical standards to establish an energy efficiency industry model.

It is reported that the first level of energy efficiency 5C standard, it is Kelon based on portable air conditioner products, user needs, and the application of three dimensions, from conserving (conservingenergy), rapid (Celerity), quiet (Clam), wisdom (Clever), health (Comfortable) Five dimensions of high energy efficiency, intelligence, health, all aspects of interpretation, establish a new standard for quality portable air conditioner.

As the leading industry in accordance with the “first-class energy efficiency 5C standard” to create air-conditioned boutique, Kelon quiet beauty is one of the best, known as a new generation of professional sleep portable air conditioner, portable air conditioner is the new technical innovation differentiation benchmark. But also Kelon with the past 30 years to build the technical background of the portable air conditioner industry-level energy efficiency standards 5C industry model.

Based on the user at night on the environmental quality requirements of the pain points, Kelon innovative research and development of static beauty portable air conditioner, in addition to continue to highlight an energy-efficient energy-saving, rapid experience. At the same time in the intelligent aspects of strengthening user interaction, the use of automatic light sensor technology, according to light and shade changes automatically adjust the air supply speed, and create a comfortable sleep environment, to achieve quiet and wisdom. In addition, its 130 ° swing air supply mode can make the air more uniform and comfortable, increase the user’s health experience.

Thus, the development path of Kelon portable air conditioner technology innovation to follow the differentiated positioning, and this feature comes from its technical reserves and technical blessing. Kelon adhere to the heating and cooling double-efficient, fast temperature OC overclocking technology, through the start of overclocking ejection significantly raise the system speed up from the start to rise to the rated frequency time from 2 minutes to 40 seconds, the speed than ordinary portable air conditioner Enhance 3 times.

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Value Passing Through: Achieving User Value Consumption

The current portable air conditioner industry competition has entered a round of giant-led scientific and technological innovation, the difference of quality, brand theme detonated. Kelon portable air conditioner in recent years by virtue of continuous technological innovation, the real base to resolve the user pain points, return to the nature of air-conditioned heart, to establish the needs of all user groups detonated. The strong Kelon brand day detonated, not only to speed up Kelon portable air conditioner to win an energy-efficient inverter air conditioner leader status of the process, but also a breakthrough in the value of consumer experience shopping experience upgrade.

It is reported that pairs of 11 the same day, Kelon online sales only one and a half hours that is more than last year, line sales grew by more than 20%. Data show that Kelon, Kelon air conditioner a conversion accounted for 36.72% of its own sales, while the industry accounted for only one frequency of 23.94% sales. In the double 12 of the promotional war, Kelon portable air conditioner energy efficiency products is the main push products, carry the “energy-efficient portable air conditioner” universal banner.

december kelon brand on a strong attack lifting the largest winter portable air conditioner industry buying tide

There is no doubt that the strong detonation in November for the Kelon brand portable air conditioner in the 12.10 heavy attack, and set off a wave of energy-efficient portable air conditioner craze, laying a solid foundation. In the industry experts view, this is Kelon portable air conditioner energy efficiency at the level of product strength, technology, market ability to detonate from the “energy-efficient portable air conditioner” special shopping section. Which will leveraging the entire portable air conditioner consumption in the high energy efficiency continues to detonate, help to promote the portable air conditioner industry to enter the structural upgrading of the fast lane.

Kelon brand to cut the entrance to the factory price of direct sales, buy a gift first-class means to an energy-efficient portable air conditioner-based push, which not only for consumers to bring an energy-efficient portable air conditioner consumption feast, Is to complete the national energy-saving emission reduction policy in the portable air conditioner industry floor!

Into the new cold year 2017, the portable air conditioner industry, the upgrading of competition has become a new normal: This is not just a consumer value and experience the value of the successful use of the successful upgrade, it is a relationship between the future development of portable air conditioner industry space Of the new revolution.

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