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Wet curtain cooling fan has a long history

When we stand by the sea or the edge of the waterfall feel particularly cool, this is because the water in the evaporation process, the absorption of air heat, so that the air temperature drops. Evaporation area, the greater the evaporation efficiency, so the summer heat, people feel standing in the sea than in the lake cool. In fact, thousands of years ago in ancient India, when people have found such a reason. So they hung the door with a wet water reed, when the wind blown into the room, widespread in the reeds on the water will evaporate, so that people feel cool inside. Came to another ancient civilizations – China, in fact, when the Tang Dynasty, there is a very important application of the palace of a similar principle, it is the fourth son of Empress Wu, Tang Ruizong after the birthplace of Li Dan – With cool hall. “Tang language forest” volume four, you can see this paragraph of text: “Xuanzong from the house, … … when the poison side.” In the cool hall, seat after Shuiqi fan, wind hunting lapel ….. “Four corner of the curtain curtain flying, the seat with cold.” Visible, including the cool hall installed in the mechanical transmission of refrigeration equipment. This equipment, the use of cold water cycle method, with the fan wheel to shake, resulting in the cold air into the temple. At the same time, this house also used mechanical cold water sent to the roof, let it along the eaves straight down, the formation of artificial water curtain, aroused cold gas, in order to achieve the purpose of refreshing. Zhang Zhongsu “palace music” poem: “Oasis will be summer, Taiwan Palace water light condensate,” is the cool house of the summer heat of praise.

Evaporative chiller cooling principle is also the use of this a natural phenomenon, water evaporation to absorb heat, evaporation area of ​​evaporation efficiency. When the air through the actual heat transfer area of ​​100 times the surface of the wet curtain, the wet curtain of water evaporation to absorb the heat of the surrounding air, the air temperature decreases, blowing air, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling. Thus, the wet curtain cooler is actually the principle of water vaporization and heat absorption of a refrigeration equipment, compared to the use of freon as the medium of ordinary portable air conditioner, that is environmentally friendly and cheap, is an excellent choice for home portable air conditioner.

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