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Qingdao Evening News hand Haier “into the community free portable air conditioner

Open the shell, 5 mm thick dust amazing eyes

Haze increase in the newspaper hand Haier “into the community free portable air conditioner”

The public reflects more love “self-cleaning” series

Do you remember when the last cleaning portable air conditioner is it? Or home portable air conditioner has never been cleaned? Last Saturday, Haier portable air conditioner held in the newspaper “into the community for free cleaning portable air conditioner” activities, many people are “dirty portable air conditioner” by the shock – some filter dust as much as 5 mm thickness, the heat exchanger even so Becomes grayish green. The interaction, but also reflects the majority of families on the home health of the air ignored, experts say, air-conditioning filth can lead to air is not smooth, cross-infection of viral germs, which can cause respiratory diseases, which is newspaper and Haier portable air conditioner Initiated the original intention of this free cleaning activities. In addition, many people understand the self-cleaning air-conditioning, said the love of the series of convenience and health.

Site: 7 years without washing a burst of musty open Saturday morning, located in Jinshui Road, Long Jianxin Village, Ms. Wang’s home, Haier portable air conditioner sales staff Liu master is the use of a 7-year cabinet portable air conditioner. The purpose of doing so is to restore the fresh air of the family. “I said why now open the portable air conditioner there is a smell.” Ms. Wang said that he is a loyal reader of the Qingdao Evening News, in the newspaper to understand the need to clean portable air conditioner, they think of their own air-conditioning quickly reported the name. She said that over the past few years this air-conditioning has never been opened to clean off.

A few minutes later, when the master Liu will remove the shell of portable air conditioner, almost all bystanders are down a breath, Ms. Wang is not surprised: “dirty!” Master Liu hand this filter, have all been Dirt covered, in some places even about 5 mm high dust. Proximity to a smell, a musty nostrils. The same dirty to the shocking, there are also removed to the portable air conditioner heat exchanger. This is about 1 meter long, 20 cm wide heat exchanger, about half of the area because of moldy reason, has been gray-green. “So know how dirty it.” Master Liu said that this air-conditioning also “save”, but before blowing out the air quality is worrying.

In the other free cleaning of the family, when the public to see Mr. Choi heat exchanger turned down to become gray-green, the very upset. “I knew that dirty, then I will spend money to clean the home there is a one-year-old baby, so unhealthy ah.” Mr. Choi said. Data: only two adults are willing to pay for washing portable air conditioner.

In the cleaning process, most of the family’s air-conditioning are more than three years without washing. “In accordance with the provisions of the air-conditioning should be cleaned at least once a year can be the reality of the situation is to buy air-conditioning five or six years have never cleaned portable air conditioner, portable air conditioner blowing the last examples of unhealthy air everywhere.” Haier portable air conditioner official said.

He explained that people spend most of the time indoors, and indoor air pollution on the human nervous system, respiratory system, immune system damage, and then cause a variety of diseases. Uncleaned portable air conditioner use, these bacteria will soon be dispersed to the indoor air, so that airborne bacterial content, so that people living in the indoor infected with the disease, especially the immune function of the elderly and children.

It is understood that some “conscious” families will be cleaning the portable air conditioner every year, but most of the public for the clean air still stay in the filter level, and in fact, due to moisture and other reasons, the heat exchanger will be attached to a lot of dirt , And accumulated a large number of bacteria.

In the registration and cleaning process, this newspaper learned that Haier portable air conditioner in the spring and winter each year to carry out two free maintenance activities, to provide portable air conditioner cleaning and other services. However, the overall proportion is still very low, regular cleaning awareness is not strong enough .Average of 10 users, only two or three have such a good .However, Habits. “Haier portable air conditioner sales staff said. Analysis: more people love home appliances “self-cleaning” series.

According to Haier air-conditioning R & D personnel, many users still exist a misunderstanding that cleaning the filter is to clean the air-conditioning. In fact, portable air conditioner is the most dirty place heat exchanger, must be cleaned regularly, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria contaminated indoor air, and even affect the portable air conditioner heat transfer effect and energy consumption. The heat exchanger is located inside the air-conditioning, due to the special shape of the fin, the general consumer is difficult to self-cleaning, cleaning is not clean, the entire cleaning process is very cumbersome, resulting in many consumers “too lazy to wash.”

Haier self-cleaning air-conditioning into the community activities, Haier air-conditioning staff to demonstrate to the public self-cleaning air-conditioning how to clean themselves. Ms. Wei understand the portable air conditioner can give yourself a bath, want to replace a new air-conditioning.

According to reports, Haier self-cleaning portable air conditioner can be everyone’s attention, one of the reasons is that the cleaning process is very convenient. With the birth of self-cleaning air-conditioning, since the cost of Haier portable air conditioner help users save, portable air conditioner will be “clean” to “self-cleaning”, through Haier original cold expansion technology allows the heat exchanger under the condensate junction Cream, easy to peel off the heat exchanger on the dirt. The most important thing is to thoroughly cleaning not spend money, but also save trouble, worry. In this case,

Self-cleaning air-conditioning reflects the thinking of the Internet under the Haier user-oriented scientific and technological innovation. In an increasingly competitive air-conditioning market, the moment, who can grasp what users want to be able to win the initiative, Haier to user demand-oriented scientific and technological innovation will become another benchmark for the portable air conditioner industry.

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