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Environmental portable air conditioner pre-season seasonal details of the daily maintenance

For the maintenance of environmentally friendly portable air conditioner, the first thing to do is pre-season maintenance, in the use of the season before the start, check the air around the unit and whether the obstruction. There is the end of the season maintenance, in order to prevent damage to the body and the mosquito breeding damage, prolonged shutdown, the water should be closed, then press the button to drain water, and cut off the power. In addition, is the daily details of the maintenance. Mainly in the following four aspects.

lg portable air conditioner manual

1, to regularly clean the portable air conditioner of the wet curtain, the cycle of 2 to 3 weeks before the first gas to clean the dust blown open, and then rinse with water;

2, and then the fan blades for cleaning and maintenance, when the rotation after a period of time to suck a small amount of dust accumulated, will be blown into the workshop;

3, the regular outlet of the filter cleaning, due to the time is too long, the filter will be attached to a lot of dust, if not washed out, it will be blown off, resulting in sub-pollution;

4, for the portable air conditioner in the circulating water should always be replaced, and some environmental portable air conditioner is to manually change the water, and some although the automatic cycle, but easy to control the valve or bad, once broken will easily into the water Valve closed, and so on after a period of time will be lack of water, resulting in no cooling effect.

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