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Haier self-cleaning portable air-conditioning: 2016 from the user of a recent life

In the highly homogenized air-conditioning industry, the basic functions of refrigeration and heating products alone has been very difficult to really impress consumers. And how to tap deeper, broader market space, only the low price competition is not enough. From the people nearly two years to Japan to buy and other events can be seen.

Whether it is a good thing must be judged by the consumer, the most important criterion is the consumer need not.

Demonstrating the Economy

Nearly a month, Haier stores in the country more than one, Haier portable air conditioner in the dry one thing is dry – real air-conditioning bath demonstration process.

Industry is a prototype, starting air can be, why should Haier to do so? Haier portable air conditioner store owners that “this kind of real machine demonstration in a very good way, seeing is believing, the key is that consumers feel grounding gas, do not hate this ‘products speak their own words’ marketing.

“Seeing is believing” in Haier portable air conditioner is not the first time. About 2002, Haier home appliances began to do “open skylight said” activities, the main purpose of the event is to allow users to see genuine quality of home appliances, this way to Haier portable air conditioner and other home appliances continue to maintain a high growth, stable Market first.

After a lapse of 14 years, Haier portable air conditioner in the same way approached the consumer, consumers still pay, this time to seize the user’s demand for home appliances health point. Demonstrating the economy reveals Haier portable air conditioner and other brands of different: Haier is not in the manufacture of products, but manufacturing experience.

Dust collection experience

Data show that Haier air-conditioning dust collection operations in the end of December 2015 start. Plans to enter the country in 2016 10,000 communities, the action is to collect the air in the home of the dust, the purpose of this action is through the impact of consumers, so that consumers recognize the air pollution sources, aware of the dangers of dirty portable air conditioner.

4 months later, Haier collected more than 1,000 families in Qingdao dust samples released a “Qingdao City home air chromatogram.” 5 color chromatogram is an important product of one of the dust collection action, for Haier portable air conditioner, now do not have to go home, the user can see this picture back home to determine what kind of portable air conditioner.

It is understood that self-cleaning air-conditioning is Haier air-conditioning after 340 days, with online and offline user interaction 33 kinds of programs, through 517 different geographical test before listing. By self-cleaning air-conditioning market, consumers get the product is not satisfied, is a healthy way of life.

This manufacturing experience, from the service launch, and ultimately fell on the product, so that consumers feel not stiff, and very convincing.

Not only that, Haier air-conditioning from the listing of clean portable air conditioner industry has brought some inspiration. portable air conditioner industry is not the only price competition this road. By tapping the potential pain points consumers to address consumer pain points as their core, that is able to gain the majority of market share, but also to enhance their brand power and profitability.

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