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Haier intelligent portable air conditioner lead the national energy efficiency list floor supply side reform

Recently, the state through the energy efficiency “leader” policy and intelligent portable air conditioner market analysis report and other forms of frequent signals, leading to the portable air conditioner supply side of the reform to encourage the results, Haier intelligent portable air conditioner to become beneficiaries. In the national energy efficiency “leader” product list, Haier intelligent portable air conditioner exclusive 4 percent place first, according to the State Information Center released intelligent portable air conditioner market analysis report, 2016 January-April Haier in sales, sales of two Of the indicators are more than 60% share of intelligent portable air conditioner market occupied the first position.

At present, China’s supply and demand is facing structural imbalances that can not be ignored. China’s supply system, in general, is the low-end products, excess supply of high-end products. Specific to the portable air conditioner industry is as follows: excess capacity of enterprises, the traditional low-end model led to the old low-end inventory pressure. portable air conditioner market product homogeneity is serious, how to deal with fierce competition, how to achieve the balance between the supply side and demand side of the portable air conditioner industry to be solved.

Haier portable air conditioner based on product innovation, and actively adjust the types of portable air conditioner products layout. The development of high-performance products at the same time make product features and user needs to achieve fit. Haier portable air conditioner in product development and production process, and actively expand the effective products and high-end products in the supply, enhance the supply structure on the demand for change in flexibility and adaptability. For example, at this stage of the widespread air pollution problems, Haier air-conditioning first patented formaldehyde oxidation catalytic technology to prevent decoration pollution to the user harm. Haier smart portable air conditioner application of self-cleaning patented technology to provide users with a healthy breathing experience, causing the industry to follow suit to imitate.

15000 btu portable air conditioner

Through product structure adjustment and technological innovation to meet the changes in consumer demand in general, Haier portable air conditioner to pay more attention to meet the consumer “personalized” custom needs. For example, on May 30 Haier in Beijing released and listed Hello Kitty custom portable air conditioner. The release of custom portable air conditioner Hello Kitty global fans based on the precise needs of the design, in addition to custom-tailored powder Meng sweet shape, combined with the needs of the user needs to focus on intelligent self-cleaning. Haier and Hello Kitty both sides also expressed the hope that through the cross-border form of mutual access to resources between the two sides to achieve the air ecological circle and Hello Kitty large community integration to achieve the interests of the fans.

From the energy efficiency of the selected “leader” list of product types can be seen, Haier portable air conditioner has been achieved to meet the energy efficiency needs of users to meet the needs of the upgrading of differences. Haier portable air conditioner in the industry to take the lead in implementing the supply side of the reform, product innovation is a constant change Haier portable air conditioner in the manufacturing industry faces the dilemma of shaking a firm foothold. “

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