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lg central portable air conditioner win

In recent years, climate change impermanence, the South is not nothing new snow thing, and Beijing this year will usher in the coldest winter. How to quickly and effectively make people feel pleasant and comfortable temperature, many businesses including more and more families choose to install central portable air conditioner. The good central portable air conditioner, not only efficient cooling and heating, noise control is also an important measure of its quality indicators.

In the coming winter, in order to enable consumers and businesses can effectively choose high-quality central portable air conditioner, LG central portable air conditioner southwest large-scale home improvement dealers for the general public concerned about the noise problem done a set of comparative evaluation.

lg central portable air conditioner win

Election machine. The evaluation, we selected the ARNL40220WF and LL-H2600HT two models, and a Japanese brand central portable air conditioner.

The choice of 2.2KW test machine is mainly due to bedroom, study and other small rooms on the high sensitivity of the noise, and small rooms are mainly used 2.2KW of the machine. General consumers usually contact the central portable air conditioner is more office buildings, shopping malls, hotels and other places, usually because the ambient noise is relatively high, the central portable air conditioner noise is not very sensitive, but at night to return to the hotel ready to sleep, the noise will appear Especially.

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Evaluation link. In this evaluation, the central portable air conditioner wind speed, sound chanting at the same time sampling, and reference to the ambient noise.

(Note: 1, anemometer position: in the middle of the outlet horizontal, the upper part of the middle of the elevation, and flush the flush outside the flush 2, decibel position: the middle of the outlet, the machine at the bottom, Flat 3, the ambient noise 39 dB)

The above comparison chart, the middle column is recorded by the above method of wind speed value, the right column is the corresponding decibel value. In the case of the same wind speed, LG central portable air conditioner decibel value is low. This shows that, LG central portable air conditioner noise compared to the comparison of the Japanese brand noise is smaller, easier to accept, noise reduction performance is more excellent.

LG as one of the world’s four major central portable air conditioner brand, has been adhering to the efficient, rapid cooling and heating for the core concept of its R & D. On this basis, the problem of noise reduction has also been a breakthrough. Consumers and businesses can choose according to their own needs more suitable for their products. For you to provide efficient portable air conditioner at the same time, bring high-quality life to enjoy.

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