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To be smart and comfortable to choose Haier portable air conditioner vs lg portable air chiller

Recently published “2016 White Paper on China’s portable air conditioner industry,” pointed out that intelligence, comfort, energy-saving features such as high-end portable air conditioner industry has become a new direction. As an industry innovator, Haier portable air conditioner will be March 5 start the global brand section, with more than 100 new smart debut, so that each consumer can get their own smart, comfortable and healthy air.

It is reported that, starting from March 5, the “Global Brand Festival” will last 1 month, the major Haier stores in the country and the portable air conditioner counters of the supermarkets launched. During the event, Haier portable air conditioner will launch the most complete of the most intelligent balance of more than 100 products, including the forthcoming China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Show (AWE) will debut new products. At the same time, consumers can enjoy the Haier joint nearly a hundred well-known global brands to provide the basic necessities of life to play one-stop shopping new shopping experience.

In this global brand festival, the user to buy home not only days bottles, platinum days, Timor bottles, Jin platinum smart self-cleaning products, but also through the Internet factory full process, visual participation in all aspects of portable air conditioner production, and enjoy Industry intelligence services. In addition to allowing users to experience the smart and convenient, the Haier portable air conditioner through smart scenes to provide users with healthy and comfortable air solution.

For example, after 31 years of paranoid persist, Haier portable air conditioner has developed the most suitable for Chinese people’s body thermal comfort PMV technology, and won the National Science and Technology Progress Award. In the wisdom of the air ecosphere support, equipped with the technology of intelligent portable air conditioner by automatically sensing the indoor environment temperature and the user’s physical signs, personalized custom sleep curve for the user to ensure a comfortable indoor temperature. In addition, the recent Haier portable air conditioner and Japan’s Mitsubishi Electric reached a strategic cooperation, will be smart, comfortable, environmental protection and other fields to carry out a comprehensive product and technical cooperation, through joint research and development team to provide consumers with high-quality protection.

It is worth mentioning that Haier portable air conditioner will not only in 1 month in the country held more than 1,000 cities on the 10,000 activities, but also in the country to start the “four free services.” It is reported that during March 1 to March 31, any purchase of Haier portable air conditioner users can enjoy free medical examination, free cleaning, free maintenance, free replacement and other “four-free” service, users buy portable air conditioner within three years, portable air conditioner Compressors, evaporators, condensers and other major parts of the problem free replacement machine.

From portable air conditioner to the air, the word difference, but for the user experience is indeed a big difference. This change is not the traditional technological innovation-driven, but companies from the user needs to tap the source of progress. Haier portable air conditioner to user needs as the engine of innovation in the 31 years of comfort research, based on the strategy through the intelligent portable air conditioner to further promote the practice of the wisdom of the air ecosystem landing to practical action to establish “to be smart and comfortable on Haier portable air conditioner” industry Benchmarking.

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