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high brand effect of portable air conditioner haier

March 5, Haier air-conditioning global brand festival in the country more than 1,000 cities simultaneously. It is reported that, as an industry innovator, Haier portable air conditioner introduced more than 100 smart new products for consumers to create all intelligent feast.

At present, Haier portable air conditioner launched a series of subversive products, from the creation of circular portable air conditioner precedent Imperial bottles portable air conditioner, to the wind tunnel appearance of days bottles portable air conditioner and “nest” shape days platinum portable air conditioner, not only appearance recognition industry high, To provide users with an intelligent and healthy air experience.

For the user, the whole intelligence is not only brought about by the intelligent control of the liberation and convenience, but also means to open a smart, healthy new way of life. Specifically, on the one hand, the first to achieve a full range of Haier portable air conditioner products intelligent, objective to accelerate the upgrading of industrial structure, allowing users to experience the time and space constraints of intelligent control. On the other hand, the use of the Internet factory production, changing the situation before the user passive acceptance of the product to participate in the whole process, the visual view of the way to master the right to choose. In addition, self-diagnosis, self-feedback, self-processing of the “three-self” services, and about the platform, electronic service steward of intelligent service model, subversion of the traditional after-sales service practices, open portable air conditioner autonomous operation, active service of the new era.

Whether it is the appearance of high-definition, or differentiated air services, which rely on Haier portable air conditioner strong technical innovation strength. It is understood that 31 years, Haier portable air conditioner for 56 iterative innovation, to 1 iteration speed twice the industry leader. To health technology, for example, Haier portable air conditioner for 20 years, a total of 15 times the health of technological innovation, Tianzun days platinum portable air conditioner application of health even wind technology cracked a hundred years portable air conditioner problems, self-cleaning portable air conditioner by “bathing” to eliminate the dirty air two Sub-pollution problems. In addition, based on air-conditioning interconnect factory, users can visualize the whole process to participate in product development process, to achieve large-scale manufacturing to mass customization transformation and upgrading.

Global brand festival, Haier portable air conditioner will also be launched nationwide “four-free service.” It is reported that in the country to carry out dust collection operations on the basis of March 1 to April 20 period, the purchase of Haier portable air conditioner users can enjoy free medical examination, free cleaning, free maintenance, free replacement and other “four Free “service, users in the purchase of air-conditioning within three years, air-conditioning compressors, evaporators, condensers and other major parts of the problem free replacement machine.

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