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portable air conditioner is becoming a new partner in confinement times

Technology is constantly changing and affecting people’s health and life. September 12, set up in Shanghai, the country’s first month moms health club launch ceremony, Haier days bottles, platinum platinum air-conditioned for maternal and newborn tailored health air solutions once again confirms the trend of technological development , With innovative technology completely defeated the traditional confinement.

Surveys show that tragedies like mop-up will occur every year, confinement tradition is also a long time in the gray area of ​​modern medicine. Not long ago, the major media has just reported that Shanghai together with maternal high temperature days cover their children died of heat stroke events, on the traditional confinement once again become the focus of attention. Obstetrics and gynecology experts said that maternal physically weak easy to sweat, high temperature days clutching, it is easy to cause heat stroke and the breeding of bacteria; days cool, doors and windows are usually closed will not lead to poor indoor air quality, this traditional ” Cover on the month “approach is not conducive to maternal recovery and neonatal growth.

” ‘Wu Yuesi’ behind the actual maternal and newborns for such special groups of air environment problems.” Haier air-conditioning official said that the current majority of maternal and family on the “can not blow portable air conditioner,” there is doubt, more Not to mention the use of portable air conditioner to confinement and care for newborns. Now in addition to pregnant mothers how to scientific knowledge confinement and guidance of confinement, the top priority is to give these groups the most suitable air solution, Haier days bottles, platinum platinum portable air conditioner is tailored for maternal “air” .

lg 10000 btu portable air conditioner

According to Haier portable air conditioner engineers, Haier days bottles, days platinum portable air conditioner innovation to create two technologies, including wind tunnel mixed flow patented technology through the “wind tunnel” design to enhance the portable air conditioner outlet temperature of 10 ℃, health even cool and not cold, do not worry The air temperature is too low for maternal cold. In addition, they also have a high efficiency in addition to PM2.5, in addition to formaldehyde technology, manufacturing fresh air, from the comfort of air and air purification capacity to give a comprehensive maternal and neonatal clean breathing to help.

Obstetrics and gynecology experts Huang Qun pointed out that the traditional confinement has become a maternal and neonatal side of the “health killer”, blind conservative is not desirable, maternal according to current living conditions with the times flexible, comfortable confinement today Can be achieved. According to reports, in addition to research and development, “Hai month portable air conditioner,” Haier air-conditioned multi-joint launch of the month club will continue in the country public action, more maternal health and guidance for the popularization of confinement scientific knowledge, and through pregnant mothers Interactive data on the platform to speed up the month of portable air conditioner innovation iterations, using technology to eliminate the tragedy of the past confinement repeat.

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