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kelon super brand push up the value of the industry cited the popularity of high quality boutique

December 9 hearing into December, the major portable air conditioner companies to enter the end of the sprint stage. December 10, Kelon portable air conditioner is about to a “super-brand day” once again stir the market, not only through venues, value-added generous investment resources such as leveraging the market demand, but also to differentiated products, especially energy-efficient products push High a new round of boutique market competition.

The current portable air conditioner industry in the transformation of the outlet, the promotion of high-end products on the amount of major enterprises is a major breakthrough in the development of a bottleneck. The reason, product homogeneity is serious, it is difficult to create a competitive differentiation of the explosive product is an important crux of the problem. Recognizing the importance of innovation, Kelon portable air conditioner first return to the product itself, based on user pain points to meet the needs of differentiated. 17 cold years, for the user to sleep at night on the portable air conditioner running more stringent requirements, Kelon portable air conditioner introduced a professional sleep portable air conditioner “quiet beauty” and become the “super brand day” to seize the main high-end positions.

kelon super brand push up the value of the industry cited the popularity of high quality boutique

Kelon professional sleep portable air conditioner “quiet beauty” through the double-efficient rare earth compressor, 4D full DC control system, a breakthrough to achieve the 16 db ultra-quiet operation, leading industry-used smart light sensor technology, according to light after night off Light and shade changes automatically adjust the operating mode to a more appropriate state of sleep, a differentiated market positioning on behalf of the product, the industry experts called “not high-profile, not blind innovation, is a solid around the user needs to carry out sustained and pragmatic innovation . “

The reason why Kelon’s innovation is “sustained” and “pragmatic”, with its first return to the product, based on user demand for product innovation inseparable. From the realization of 360-degree all-round air, and in accordance with the needs of different groups to achieve “wind”, “wind to avoid people” and “Xiaoman Yao” portable air conditioner, to achieve the custom series of colorful “white” To lead the industry to launch health beauty VI portable air conditioner, Kelon innovation every step of innovation, by meeting the different needs of users to win recognition. < br>Portable air conditioner industry into the value of the war track, the end of December in the sprint war is no longer just impulse fight, more importantly, through a series of massive national activities, set off the popularity of high-end products. The main line of this product upgrade, in addition to the rich product features to bring high value-added, the energy-efficient high-energy-consuming products out of the incremental market competition has been an important space. From the beginning of 16 to implement the “energy-efficient” strategy to 17 years of cold launched the “first-class energy efficiency 5C standard”, Kelon portable air conditioner energy efficiency and differentiation in the product all the way to speed up structural upgrading.

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This set of files on December 10, “Kelon super brand Day”, will be through the stadium direct sales, hotel direct sales, factory outlets and other forms, hit the “audience 0 Lee direct selling” heavy discount, as well as “buy one gift A “second set of half-price” to buy “quiet beauty” portable air conditioner to send the value of 1399 yuan intelligent cleaning robots and other value-added benefits, the national linkage to push high-end, intended to set off an air-conditioned market boutique marketing feast.

At present, the “Super Brands Day” activities on December 3 was launched in some areas, from the activities of the situation not only through the effective form of full popular, in order to “quiet beauty” led the series to push the product has become a sales tool “. Can be expected in the upcoming December 10 “Super Brand Day”, the Kelon will bring a national high-end products detonated.

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