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kelon professional sleep portable air conditioner started the first shot

The fighting has not ceased. 11.5 in November through the brand, 11.11 electric business after the December shopping festival, home appliance market is not calm. A 12.10 “Kelon super brand Day” heavy again struck, as the portable air conditioner industry veteran crack, Kelon brand day will give the industry and the majority of users what kind of unexpected surprise?

Has always been driven by technological innovation, energy-efficient boutique leading Kelon portable air conditioner, hard to find the real needs of the user pain point, the industry peers are still frequently set off the so-called concept marketing, on December 10 hit a new generation of professional sleep portable air conditioner – LT-A1 “quiet beauty”, and thus set off in December home appliance shopping boom.

Technology: Focus on the user’s core requirements

Let us tell a little story. A military enterprise business manager to participate in a summer project to tender, after staying at the hotel how to sleep after sleep. Although he lived in the hotel is not low grade, with the portable air conditioner brand is quite tall, but this portable air conditioner when the sound of the wind, in the dead of night or when the impact of sleep. As a result, the business manager in the next day to participate in the tender meeting drowsiness, affecting the normal play of his reply.

Such a small matter was triggered Kelon portable air conditioner R & D personnel’s attention, they are multi-user survey, found that users in addition to portable air conditioner cooling and heating basic functions of care, the most concern is the product of noise problems. Many users in the store to buy portable air conditioner, is to listen to the prototype when the sound of the size of the wind blowing, as their decision whether to buy points.

Now a lot of portable air conditioner manufacturers of product development, focus and attention to focus on the appearance of fashion, intelligent connectivity and other non-core functions, making the appearance of portable air conditioner with each passing day, magnificent, but the basic demands of users such as noise has been many companies Ignore, can be described as innovation, “poles apart.”

Kelon portable air conditioner from the user’s real needs and the pain point of departure, based on their 30 years of strong R & D strength to develop a new generation of “quiet beauty” professional mute portable air conditioner, allowing users to comfort in a quiet environment.

Experts in the industry view, “Kelon portable air conditioner is not high-profile innovation is not blind, is a solid focus on user needs to start a round of continuous and pragmatic innovation, the real product for the company’s brand and innovation endorsement, the product itself ran into the user’s long legs at home The first level energy efficiency strategy proposed by Kelon since the cold year of 2017, and the proposition of “First Class Energy Efficiency 5C Standard”, can provide a new direction and impetus for the development and upgrade of portable air conditioner industry.

New: Create a new user experience

Find the pain point of the user needs, and to technology upgrades, targeted pain points to solve the problem, this is the fundamental portable air conditioner core technology innovation. Kelon “quiet beauty” portable air conditioner, based on the user at night on the environmental quality of the high pain points, through the 4D DC control system and other technology upgrade applications, a breakthrough to achieve as low as 16 dB ultra-quiet operation, the perfect solution to the user night Demand pain points, be regarded as a model of technology legislation.

This is only 2017 Kelon portable air conditioner market in the cold one outlet. Over the past 20 years, Kelon based on its own scientific and technological innovation strength in the portable air conditioner industry out of a “energy-efficient detonation” of the road. And in the new cold year again put forward a new energy efficiency strategy to an energy efficiency 5C standard, the real business development strategy, and the direction of the market upgrade, as well as consumer demand trend of a seamless docking.

Kelon portable air conditioner level of energy efficiency 5C standard, it is based on portable air conditioner products, user needs, and the application of three dimensions, from conserving (conservingenergy), rapid (Celerity), quiet (Clam), wisdom (Clever), health Comfortable) the five dimensions of energy-efficient, intelligent, healthy all-round re-interpretation, and establish a new standard for quality portable air conditioner.

The use of an energy efficiency standards to create the Kelon “quiet beauty” portable air conditioner, portable air conditioner can only achieve the upper and lower general wind sweeping disadvantage, the use of wind to achieve around 130 ° air supply mode, the two turn to achieve multi-angle, Wind, can make the air more evenly comfortable, to the user to bring “private order” sleep experience, can be regarded as the ultimate sense of experience.

At the same time static beauty industry-leading intelligent light sensor technology, according to the night light changes, automatically adjust the air supply mode to a more appropriate state of sleep, according to changes in environmental control show open and portable air conditioner running. When the environment is dark, turn off the display and adjust the operating wind speed, so as to create a comfortable all-round sleep environment for users.

To be sure that the Kelon portable air conditioner “quiet beauty” new high standards through continuous self-breakthrough, the bedroom portable air conditioner noise value of up to 16 dB, whispering voice even lower, allowing users to only the wind did not sound Environment. Kelon portable air conditioner reflects the true understanding of the user, and the core technology can be converted to a realistic function, enough to reflect Kelon portable air conditioner technology leader. This will give the portable air conditioner in the Internet age experience into new content.

Market: the first detonated December portable air conditioner industry

December market competition curtain opened, not only the final year of the sprint, but also is a new energy-efficient, high-quality detonation month. In fact, Kelon is more important for the significance of Kelon brand or day. Can be said to be multi-Xilinmen to brand detonated to static beauty new products, absolutely regarded as the portable air conditioner industry started the first shot, detonated December portable air conditioner war such a special day.

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According to Kelon marketing department to Kelon portable air conditioner “quiet beauty” detonated market from the beginning of December will begin in December 3, the first to carry out in some areas, the implementation of “focus on staring, fired the first gun”, December 10 ” National focus, million shop linkage “to buy 8 hours. In addition, from the beginning of the month to the end of the activities are not covered by the region to the county units in order to carry out, county and township linkage, activities will be extended directly to the “New Year” explosion volume.

The Kelon planning for the three levels, first, the venue direct marketing: Joint Marketing Center launched a full range of venues direct sales activities. Second, the hotel direct sales: the region to carry out hotel direct marketing activities. Third Factory Outlet: make full use of Hisense Kelon six production base resources.

kelon professional sleep portable air conditioner started the first shot

Kelon portable air conditioner will be all types of home appliances 0 audience direct sales, Taiwan and Taiwan are the brand day purchase price. The same time also with the buy one get one, the second set of half-price, and package promotions to Guiji sales led on-hook sales; new Hao Li gift is amazing to buy Kelon Jing beauty portable air conditioner to send value 1399 yuan high-end smart cleaning robots.

Kelon portable air conditioner can be seen around the December 10 super brand day heavy detonation, in the winter brings infinite warmth, the brand day and dual 12, and Christmas, New Year’s Day promotion of organic combination, and The main push new “quiet beauty” detonated as the outlet, the Kelon portable air conditioner energy-efficient strategy continued to detonate, while the “first-line energy efficiency 5C standard” and other Kelon advocate active release in the industry, greatly enhance the Kelon brand competition in the portable air conditioner market force!

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