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kelon as the cooler emperor portable air conditioner a minute outlet temperature can be reduced to 7 degrees

One minute outlet temperature can be reduced to 7 degrees! Recently, the professional laboratory testing, Kelon portable air conditioner LA-A1 one minute outlet temperature can be as low as 7 degrees, with super cooling capacity.

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Cooling capacity, power, mute is a long time the user to measure the quality of portable air conditioner three hard targets, especially in the hot summer months, a fast cooling and energy-saving portable air conditioner, the most pressing needs of users. Kelon portable air conditioner has a highly efficient traditional advantages, “Chi cold king” Kelon once again on the interpretation of efficient technology. According to professional laboratory testing, Kelong Zhi cold portable air conditioner LA-A1 boot a minute after the outlet temperature can be reduced to 7 degrees, while the refrigerator freezer temperature of 2-8 degrees, which means that only one minute Kelon portable air conditioner The outlet temperature can reach the effect of the refrigerator, in the industry will have a strong competitive edge.

Kelon portable air conditioner is the industry’s first “energy efficiency by portable air conditioner to sell” the brand, known in the industry to high efficiency, the product is not only the system temperature ability, more energy saving. In 2002, Kelon launched the first generation of dual-efficient portable air conditioner, energy efficiency than breaking the domestic record, followed by the introduction of the second and third generation dual efficient portable air conditioner, continuous refresh their record. In 2004 the launch of the fourth generation, fifth-generation dual-efficient portable air conditioner refresh the world’s energy efficiency record twice in a row.

It is understood that Kelon “Zhi cold Emperor” portable air conditioner with an energy efficiency, and energy efficiency up to 4.74, much higher than the national energy efficiency standards of 4.5, not only cooling faster, and more energy efficient. Compared with the three energy efficiency products, if you use 8 hours a day, two days can save 3 kWh.

Kelon “Chi cold Emperor” portable air conditioner LA-A1 inherited Kelon’s first “double efficient” technical superiority, is one of the strong refrigeration representative products. According to Kelon portable air conditioner R & D personnel, LA-A1 configuration of the six on the compressor, on the one hand the use of rare earth permanent magnet material, magnetic field is not easy to degrade, can keep the compressor high-performance operation; the other six compared to ordinary compressor Two pairs of symmetrical compressors, running track closer to the round, and thus more stable. Industry top 64-bit chip, can make computing faster, more efficient operation, refrigerant flow control is more accurate, and thus the system more efficient, better temperature system.

The ability of the system temperature is a key indicator of the hard power of portable air conditioner enterprises. The current state of supply-side reform, portable air conditioner consumer secondary purchase and the proportion of young consumers increased, becoming the driving force of transformation and upgrading of portable air conditioner industry, energy-efficient products demand will be further strengthened. At the same time, portable air conditioner products, high value-added become a major trend, and excellent system temperature capacity is to create high value-added products based. In the current fierce competition, Kelon portable air conditioner to strengthen the nature of the product, through the efficient adhere to and the pursuit of excellence to practice the spirit of artisans.
kelon as the cooler emperor portable air conditioner a minute outlet temperature can be reduced to 7 degrees

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