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jinhua city business portable air conditioner war imminent

From the beginning of April has been stretches for nearly three months of the rainy season, disrupted the portable air conditioner business. July 12 afternoon in Jinhua city home appliance market, a dealer watching Jinhua news on the phone told reporters: “This summer’s portable air conditioner sales have been fire up, the news that the next 40 days of dog days of high temperature, this year’s The weather will also enter the real “barbecue mode”, the arrival of the summer heat will inevitably lead to a round of businessmen are looking forward to the strong sales of portable air conditioner.

Early summer rain revenue decline

jinhua city business portable air conditioner war imminent

“portable air conditioner inventory problem has been extended to 2016, so that the pressure of the industry. Although this year’s portable air conditioner inventory has decreased over last year, but the market is becoming saturated, L-type economic trends have become more difficult to inventory. Market, product-centric value war and to inventory coexist in a long time.Although the portable air conditioner companies are reluctant to price war, but some time ago in the market conditions, inventory portable air conditioner sales really a headache. “Jinhua Appliance Industry Association, said Huang Haiming, portable air conditioner retail sales last year, showing a downward trend year on year.

According to the annual report, the major manufacturers in 2015 portable air conditioner revenues have declined, portable air conditioner business revenue decline of 10% to 20%. “For portable air conditioner enterprises, efforts to innovate mining user needs, adjust the product structure, to create a truly meet the needs of consumers personalized, intelligent products, is the core of future competition power.” Wu Huahuan, head of home appliances company Analysis, the portable air conditioner industry in 2015 the price war on the great impact of the enterprise, is the so-called “Kill one thousand from the loss of eight hundred.” In the current sluggish demand, the market downturn, the price war can not save portable air conditioner business.

In order to meet the upcoming portable air conditioner season, businesses make every effort to promote, Stone Home Appliances Shopping Center recently held to buy portable air conditioner fan activities to attract more than 200 consumers to the scene, opened this summer air-conditioned special sales curtain. However, portable air conditioner sales have to look at the days of eating, only the real high temperature to pull large quantities of consumption.

cost of portable air conditioner

The value of the sudden emergence

Standing on the forefront of the market, the portable air conditioner business has been working hard. Reporters visited the city shopping malls obviously feel the portable air conditioner counter, promoters in the introduction of portable air conditioner, the more is to introduce the product performance advantages, and the price into a secondary position. But also in promotional activities, high-end new products are no longer superior to become the flagship product promotion, inverter and fixed-speed machine also further narrow the spread, the smallest is only 300 yuan, making the inverter cost is very prominent. These conditions show that competition among portable air conditioner brands is gradually shifting from a price war to a product and user-focused value war.

This year’s portable air conditioner market, adjust the product structure to become an important force point, frequency, intelligence, health, fashion as the representative of the high value-added products or into the mainstream, many meet customer demand for personalized products to market. Lu Kai, chief designer of urban Pengcheng decoration that, with 80,90 after a new generation of consumer groups has gradually become the main force in the market and timely supply and demand side of the policy to promote, the market hit a level of energy efficiency, personalized energy efficient products Will be Jinhua family consumption of a major development trend.

July 12 afternoon in a downtown portable air conditioner sales area of ​​the mall, the staff told reporters that their portable air conditioner installation workers have Lianzhuanzhuan, the original price of 2599 yuan of domestic brand-name 1.5-horsepower inverter Hanging price as long as 2199 yuan, the original price of 4,000 yuan 2 Guiji price below 3,000 yuan, while the 2000 yuan file the price of ordinary portable air conditioner is not significant. The current low-end portable air conditioner consumer groups are more sensitive to the price, and this type of portable air conditioner itself technical content, production threshold, the profit is relatively low. The high-end products, consumer groups more on the new features, style value, businesses from the main consumer and marketing strategy to consider the next high-end products, there are some promotional range.

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