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intelligent transformation of haier portable air conditioner to create new channels to accelerate growth

Into August, the industry have held the opening session of the brand, the new portable air conditioner market, the curtain was slowly opened. Standing at a new starting point, the portable air conditioner industry has ushered in a new round of challenges. On the other hand, with the popularity of energy-efficient air-conditioners and inverter air conditioners, portable air conditioner companies need new intelligent products to boost market confidence.On the one hand, consumers are more and more do not catch a cold price war, promotion is difficult to achieve the desired effect;

In fact, the past two years, the new portable air conditioner companies have been in the smart efforts, actions can be described as frequent. However, how can the real innovation of intelligent technology as the engine, driven channel business confidence, to achieve win-win manufacturers do? Haier from July to August several meetings, it is easy to see, Haier in this regard can be described as the key to seize the product Ye Hao, channel business model worth mentioning, are the industry with admiration.

Intelligent portable air conditioner new technology and then breakthrough

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2017 from the opening year of the cold, smart portable air conditioner is being the main push the major brands, equipped with WEFI, remote control and other functions become standard smart portable air conditioner. Yee Kang to determine the smart portable air conditioner in the 2017 cold years of rapid development in the high-end market, accounting for more than 4,000 yuan on-hook market share of retail sales will reach 25%. Obviously, with the popularity of smart appliances, smart portable air conditioner development began to accelerate. It is worth mentioning that, Haier at this point, not only has seized the opportunity for the development of smart portable air conditioner market, it is always walking in the forefront of intelligent portable air conditioner market. “I have no people, I have gifted people”, when we are also committed to portable air conditioner frequency, energy and other selling points, when Haier smart portable air conditioner has caught the portable air conditioner air. In 2010, Haier portable air conditioner was born the world’s first Internet of Things, and to achieve a remote monitoring, intelligent security, and so on the market now has the mainstream intelligent portable air conditioner functions. When 2017, the portable air conditioner market, the popularity of smart portable air conditioner wave, have to say, Haier in this regard, than other brands in the industry and a big step forward.

August 18, Haier held in Qingdao in 2016, strategic alliance customer innovation interactive meeting, at the Haier, Commander, Casa Imperial three brands of products fully unveiled, fully meet the different demands of integrated store customers choice. At the meeting, Haier introduced the new smart portable air conditioner is explosive index explosion table. It is understood that the opening of the new cold, Haier intelligent portable air conditioner technology once again achieved a breakthrough. First of all, Haier self-cleaning technology again iterative upgrade, to achieve a clean indoor to outdoor cleaning of the overall layout. Secondly, with five patents for natural wind technology applied to the smart self-cleaning portable air conditioner new series, the end of the portable air conditioner air supply era. Products to the participating channels to bring the market store customer confidence is palpable. They believe that the new Haier’s new smart, internal and external self-cleaning machine, blowing natural wind and other new selling points are really seize the user’s pain point for Haier to participate in high-end portable air conditioner market competition, adding new weights.

Reinforce the basis of channels Sword 2017

Talk about the current portable air conditioner industry’s opening, had to mention Yahuo. It can be said that Yahuo in the past 10 years has been a new portable air conditioner manufacturers opened the core task of the cold year. If the perspective from a competitive analysis, squeeze the way through the existing channel Yahuo to prevent competitors Yahuo, indeed to enhance the share of manufacturers play a role in the share. However, from 2013 onwards, with the household appliance industry as a whole operating background changes, stimulus exit, the real estate industry downturn, cool summer and other factors that affect the pattern of Yanko the outbreak of a sudden out of stock, high inventory, consumer purchasing power decline, supply and demand Do not match, the industry as a whole innovation and fatigue.

intelligent transformation of haier portable air conditioner to create new channels to accelerate growth

Yahuo mode of failure, Daobi enterprises to make timely adjustments. However, for the growth rate of gear shift and structural adjustment of the throes of the portable air conditioner business, the ability to user needs as the center to make timely adjustments, not only consider the portable air conditioner business market sensitivity, but also represents the strength of an enterprise. Challenge, Haier took the lead based on market development and changes in the interests of channel customers, starting to explore new business models.

July 5, Haier 2017 cold years will be opened directly to the opening of the township market will be sold directly to the scene, and even invite the boss to observe the surrounding store owners. Township boss to see the new cold years Haier portable air conditioner sales of the first confidence, take the initiative to sign with Haier. And the traditional channels of channel mode Yahuo passive passers-by compared to the introduction of Haier’s new retail model, more favored by customers. In August 18th, the strategic alliance summit, Haier will be the national market is divided into five strategic alliances, further consolidate the channel foundation of the appeal and influence. Following a secondary market, the 34 market smart portable air conditioner scale and popularity has been greatly improved, the market competition will further accelerate. It is understood that Haier smart portable air conditioner network at the opening of the township, self-cleaning profits accounted for more than 48% of the whole, signed more than 20 million. Service providers signed an increase of 35%; township and service providers accounted for 49% of the overall proportion of customers.

The author believes that Haier portable air conditioner opening of the new cold several years to convene the meeting released two signals to the industry. On the one hand, the intelligent transition to accelerate, intelligent, self-cleaning, natural wind and other products become the focus of the Haier 2017 cold main push products to fully meet the current needs of the user experience of the smart; the other hand, Haier not only continue to lead smart portable air conditioner in the 12 Level market development, but also accelerate the 34 market penetration and penetration of smart portable air conditioner. 2016 cold years, Haier intelligent portable air conditioner accounted for more than 60%, to the absolute advantage of the industry first. In 2017 cold years Haier will continue to maintain the national level of market intelligence leader position.

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