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intelligent portable air conditioner services into a new impetus to growth

Following the color TV, refrigerator, the portable air conditioner industry also ushered in a collective price increases. Recently, the United States, Hitachi and other portable air conditioner manufacturers have announced price increases. Wuxi US portable air conditioner sales company said, “plans in December 11, 2016 on the product price system upward adjustment.” Hitachi home central portable air conditioner decided “the company will be January 1, 2017 on the implementation of the series of product price adjustment, an average increase of 10% or more.”

intelligent portable air conditioner services into a new impetus to growth

The price increase, mainly because of rising raw materials. Since the second half of 2016, the price of various bulk materials continued to rise, as of November, the main raw material copper rose 40%, remained at 49,000 yuan ton, steel prices rose more than 200%, plastic, aluminum and other prices rose more than 30% .

Prices are not limited to the portable air conditioner industry, in October, the refrigerator industry has also reported price increases, Vice President Yao Youjun Jun Ouma accepted in an interview with Beijing Commercial Daily reporters, raw material prices on the company refrigerator production costs or a certain pressure. Color TV industry, starting from September, companies have gradually raised the price of television, Beijing Commercial Daily reporter recently also learned from a number of Internet TV manufacturers, this year’s “double 12” after the price will be raised.

Raw material prices for the recovery of the portable air conditioner market, is not good news. portable air conditioner industry in the face of the downturn over the past two years, the market is improving, the data show that in October 2016, China’s household air conditioner production 8,307,900 units, an increase of 59.4%. Among them, the domestic shipments 505.939 million units, an increase of 59%. Insiders worry that product prices may be affected to some extent, the recovery of the portable air conditioner industry.

However, there are people in the industry hold different views, that the price increase on the overall market impact is limited, this is a price correction of the portable air conditioner industry, the past two years, portable air conditioner industry has been a price war, the average price of products declined. portable air conditioner industry is entering the end of industrial restructuring, the future consumer demand for portable air conditioner industry may no longer simply refrigeration and heating, such as some remote start in advance, automatic timing detection, product failure and other pre-judged in advance intelligent functions and Services will become the new demands of consumers.

Recently, from the “Consumer Reports” a survey shows that users in the use of portable air conditioner in the process most afraid of failure, especially the winter heat and cold weather, the survey showed that 24.09% of users said they had met “after-sales maintenance staff to follow up Slow “situation; 29.01% of users complained that” after-sales maintenance personnel do not clearly tell the fault situation, arbitrary charges. “

The other household survey also shows that the user acceptance of intelligent portable air conditioner at this stage is rising, especially in advance to start remote portable air conditioner refrigeration, heating function much loved by young user groups.

free standing portable air conditioner

In fact, there are portable air conditioner manufacturers for the user needs ahead of the layout. According to the relevant person in charge of Chigo portable air conditioner Public Relations Department, Zhigao intelligent cloud portable air conditioner large data center has been put into operation for nearly four years, through the large data platform to bring active response, active feedback, active service means, truly accurate service, Timely service, a new model of transparent services. Zhigao cloud portable air conditioner on-line diagnosis, including temperature acquisition system, control system, electrical system, refrigeration system, the detection of four major areas, to achieve automatic repair and on-site service failures.

“Consumer Reports” test results also show that Gree, Midea, Chi high portable air conditioner brand in the six, Chigo in the integrated “intelligent control”, “intelligent diagnosis” and many other projects in the intelligent index of the judge, 74% Of the vote came in first.

Industrial observers Hongshibin said that with the increasing popularity of intelligent portable air conditioner, as well as young consumers to improve the quality of life requirements, how to achieve through the intelligent service upgrade will be the key to the development of portable air conditioner manufacturers, but also will become air-conditioning industry New impetus to growth.

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