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innovative Technology of portable air conditioner

Breaking News of portable air conditioner, a portable air conditioner in Shenzhen with the energy consumption decreased by 20%.

Reporters learned that Shenzhen Portable Air Conditioner Manufacturers (www.portableairconditionerac.com) in energy conservation practice and vigorously promote technological innovation, a substantial increase in the effectiveness of technical, economic and environmental outcomes achieved “double harvest.” By 2016, the company’s first use of flexible duct natural heat, the spectral power optimizer, parallel flow and many other innovative technologies, the air conditioning energy consumption decreased by 20%, the annual electricity savings of about 3.87 million yuan.

It is understood that, in order to meet the requirements of energy saving technology to promote the new situation, it has moved within the natural source of cold conditions of the base station, installed 200 new maintenance-free air equipment. The device can reduce air conditioning compressor running time, the highest compared to the ordinary energy-saving air conditioning and refrigeration way up to 52%; the same time, can effectively filter outside dust from entering the station to meet the environmental requirements of high cleanliness of the base station.

For communication within the old room cooling air distribution and air conditioning unreasonably low efficiency, high energy consumption, the engine room of old portable air conditioners systems are fully optimized, innovative way for the first time using the flexible duct transformation. After transformation, the basic air-conditioning without manual maintenance, cooling can be reduced by targeted dissipation of cold, wind and blowing direction adjustment more convenient and flexible, a substantial increase in work efficiency.

Meanwhile, in the energy management system in the building, all of the communications room, communication equipment buildings, office buildings were gathering energy metering and energy analysis, energy management platform developed by IT means of automatic data collection, in order to achieve monitoring equipment for energy, effectively reducing the cost of investment in human.

According to reports, the company relies on technological innovation to achieve energy conservation practice has been highly praised and outside the industry, has won the China Communication Enterprises Association awarded the “Management Innovation Award”, the Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission awarded the “Outstanding Low Carbon Enterprise Award” China mobile Group was awarded the “outstanding unit Award saving” and a series of honor. Currently, it has been moving energy management system certification and carbon emissions management system certification.

new innovations of portable air conditioner

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