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Industrial Portable Air Conditioner 30000Airflow Portable Room Air Coolers For Sale Offer Portable Air Conditioner Buy Portable Air Cooler 3 Sides Cooling Pads Portable Room Air Coolers For Sale Offer Portable Air Conditioner

Industrial Portable Air Conditioner 30000Airflow Portable Room Air Coolers For Sale Offer Portable Air Conditioner Buy Portable Air Cooler 3 Sides Cooling Pads Portable Room Air Coolers For Sale Offer Portable Air Conditioner

SKU: Industrial-Portable-Air-Conditioner-037

Efficiency Energy Saving Roof Top Packing Air Conditioner, China Zhejiang 5Kw Air Cooled Three Phase Flywheel Electric Generator, 220V 50Hz 18000Btu R410A ,2 Horsepower Split Wall Mounted Portable Split Type Air Conditioner, 220V Portable Air Conditioner Discount . Quick Details
Brand Name:OEM
Place of Origin:Fujian, China (Mainland)
Power Source:Electrical
Power Type:AC
Type:Floor Standing Air Conditioners
Cooling or Heating:Cooling Only
Certification:CB, CE
Voltage (V):220
Model Number:Discount
Warranty:1 Year
Color:White Grey
Function:Cooling Ventilation Humidification Air Purifier
Product Name:Portable Evaporative Air Conditioner
Power supply:220-240V or 1Ph or 50-60Hz
Name:Floor Standing Air Cooler
Fan type:Axial Fan
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:carton
Delivery Detail:7days

  • Description

    Product Description

    Product Description Portable Evaporative Cooler Goes Wherever It’S Needed To Bring Instant Cooling To Areas Up To 80 Square Meter. As The Largest And Most Powerful Model In The Evaporative Air Cooler Line, This Heavy-Duty Unit Draws Air From Outside And Uses A Powerful Blower To Push It Through 3 Cooling Pad, Rigid Cooling Pads Located On 3 Different Sides Of The Cooler. As It Cools Your Air, The Portable Evaporative Cooler Also Filters Out Airborne Particles And Increases Employee Productivity, All By Using Up To 80% Less Energy Than An Air Conditioner. Constructed Of Uv-Protected Abs Plastic, The Portable Evaporative Cooler Is Designed For Durability And Will Not Corrode Or Crack. To Operate The Portable Evaporative Cooler , Add Water To The Large, 57L Water Tank Or Connect The Unit Directly To A Garden Hose, Spigot Or Direct Water Line. Portable Evaporative Cooler Additional Features Include A Powerful 380 Watt Motor, Automatic Air Louvers And 8000 Cmh Of Cooling. Technology Technical Specification
    Airflow(M&Sup3; H) 8000 Power Resource 220V-240V 50Hz-60Hz
    Power(W) 380 Water Tank 57L
    Fan Type Axial Control Type Led+Remote
    Fan Speed 3 Dimension 800 &Times;480 &Times; 1380
    Cover Area(M&Sup2;) 70 Packed Size 810 &Times;490 &Times;1290 Advantages The Advantages Of Discount Potable Evaporative Air Cooler *3 Sides Cooling Pad, Better Cooling Efficiency. *Bigger Airflow, Higher Pressure, Good For Outdoor And Commercial Area Use. *High-Mid-Low 3 Speeds, More Choices. *Ionizer Helps To Dedust And Anti-Bacteria, Keep Fresh Air. *Led Control Panel With Remote Control, Convenient And Intelligent. *The Modified Pp Of Casing Material Is More Adaptive For Outdoor Use, And More Durable. *High Quality &Amp; Whole Sealed Casing Motor, Good Heat Dissipation, High Ip Class &Amp; Waterproof. *Open Type Water Distributor Makes The Water Flow Evenly. *Fashion And Elegant Design With Big Air Grill, White And Red-Brown Color For Your Choice. Packaging &Amp; Shipping
    Packaging Detail: Dimension (Mm): 800*480*1380 Load Quantity (Full): 55 132(20′ 40’Hq)
    Deliverydetail: 7 Days, Approx 5 Working Days After Receipt Of Payment Well Packed With Foam And Carton Box. For Sea Transportation There Is Additional Hard Packing ( Iron Pallet) Certifications Our Products Own Ce, Cb, Saa, Iso And So On Certificates. Company Information About The Is Located In Fuzhou, The Capital Of Fujian Province, In Southeast Sea Shore Of China. Our Company Is Specialized In Manufacturing Evaporative Air Cooler (Desert Cooler Or Swamp Cooler) And Infrared Heater . The Company Was Founded In 2006, Started With Only 4 Workers And $10,000 Capital. After These Years Fast Growth, Now Jinghui Company Has Owned 200 Skillful Workers In Yixu Factory, And Averagely Sell $20,000 Per Day. Persist In &Ldquo;People Oriented&Rdquo;, The Company Always Take Personnel As Foremost. During The Past Years, By Following The Value Philosophy &Lsquo;Kindness, Fine, Speed, Development&Rsquo;, Jinghui Staff Made Great Efforts To Producing The Best Quality Evaporative Air Coolers And Infrared Heaters . The Company General Manager Ms. Sophin Is Chief Engineer, Meanwhile She Hires Frame Engineers, Electric Engineers, Software Engineers And Hvac Engineers And Leads The R&Amp;D Team In Person. Professional Makes Perfect. Our Strong R&Amp;D Team Guarantee We Are Always Leading The Most Advanced Evaporative Cooler Technology. Now The Company Has 5 Frame And Mold Engineers, 3 Electric Engineers, 3 Software Engineers, 4 Hvac Engineers. In 2009, We Established Technical Cooperation Relationship With Fujian University Of Technology . More And More Ambitious Young Engineers Are Going To Join Our Green Carrier… Faq Q: Are Evaporative Air Cooler More Suitable For Specific Climates ? Evaporative Air Cooler Is Especially Well Suited Where The Air Is Hot And Humidity Is Low. However, In Higher Humidity Areas There Are Many Proven Cost Effective Uses For Evaporative Cooling That Make It The Right Choice, Like Industrial Plants, Commercial Kitchens, Laundries, Dry Cleaners, Greenhouses, Spot Cooling Etc. Q: What Advantages Does Evaporative Air Cooler Have Compared To Refrigerated Cooling Systems ? Evaporative Cooling Will Provide Substantial Energy Saving Over Refrigerated Air Units. The Simplicity Of The Design Allows Low Maintenance Requirements. The Evaporative Air Cooler Will Provide Fresh, Filtered Air. The Outside Air That Has Been Cooled Will Blow The Stale Inside Air Out. Q: How Often Do I Clean My Pads ? Pads Should Be Cleaned At Least Once A Season Prior To Storing For The Winter. In Hard Water Areas, Cleaning May Be Required More Frequently. Periodic, Visual Examination Is Required. Remove The Back Or Top Of The Cooler Following The Instructions In The Operating Manual. Look At The Pads, If They Show Signs Of Heavy Mineral Deposits They Will Need To Be Cleaned. Q: How Do I Clean My Pads ? Remove The Pad From The Unit Or Back Panel. Rinse The Pad With Fresh Water Using A Hose Or Soaking The Pad In A Tub Until The Mineral Deposits Disappear. You May Want To Change The Tub Water Occasionally To Accelerate The Cleaning Process. Allow The Pad To Sun Dry. Reattach The Pad To The Cooler Back Panel Or Reinstall Inside The Cooler. Q: How Often Should The Pads Be Replaced ? Pads Should Be Changed When They No Longer Cool As Effectively As They Did When New. This Generally Happens When Mineral Deposits On The Pads Become So Heavy That The Water Running Over Them During Operation Cannot Be Absorbed. If A Pad Is Properly Cleaned And Maintained, Its Life Can Be Three To Five Years Or More. But, We Advise Customer Replace The Pad Every 2 Or 3 Years To Keep The Best Cooling Efficiency. Q: How Much Water Do I Put In ? The Amount Of Water Required Will Vary Depending On The Size Of The Unit You Own. To Help Determine The Correct Level, Each Evaporative Air Cooler Or Other Portable Air Cooler Is Equipped With A Water Level Indicator. It Can Be Found On Bottom Sump Of The Unit. Add Water Until The Indicator Shoes That The Water Reservoir Is Filled. Water Will Leak From The Unit If It Is Overfilled. Q: At Start-Up, The Air Has A Slight Odor ? Occasionally An Evaporative Air Cooler May Give Off A Slight Odor When First Put Into Use. To Eliminate This Odor, Run The Unit For An Hour, Drain All The Water From The Tank And Add Fresh Water. If Odor Persists Repeat The Above Procedure Until It Is Eliminated. Q: How Often Do I Have To Fill The Mobile Unit ? The Length Of Time Will Vary Depending On The Dryness Of The Air And The Speed At Which The Cooler Is Running. Typically Water Supplied Should Last From For One Day, Or Half Day, Because We Design The Tank For 8 Hours Use Or 4 Hours Consumption. Q: Can The Pump Run Dry ? The Unit Can Be Safely Run Without Water In The Tank. It Will Cause No Harm To The Cooler Or The Water Pump. Never Choose Cooler With Submersible Pump That Usually Used In Glass Fish Bowl. It Will Burn While Lack Of Water And Cause Danger. If You Want To Know More Information About Our Products Here Welcome You In Any Time.

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    220V 60Hz Window Type Air Conditioning 9000Btu, Water Mist Air Cooler Portable Air Condition, Heating Cooling Dehumidifying Auto Air Conditioner, Floor Standing Air Conditioner Water Cooled Portable Air Conditioner.