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Industrial Portable Air Conditioner 2016 New Portable Air Cooler Industrial Portable Air Cooler Water Portable Air Cooling Fan Buy 2016 New Portable Evaporative Air Cooler Industrial Portable Air Cooler

Industrial Portable Air Conditioner 2016 New Portable Air Cooler Industrial Portable Air Cooler Water Portable Air Cooling Fan Buy 2016 New Portable Evaporative Air Cooler Industrial Portable Air Cooler

SKU: Industrial-Portable-Air-Conditioner-009

Air Conditioner Desert Air Cooler Solar Air Cooler Energy Saving Air Condition, Floor Standing Air Conditioner Factory Directly, 1Ropw Series Iso9001 U0026Ce, Portable Floor Air Blast Machine, Variable Tower Fan With Air Cooler Air Water Cooler, Dental Chair 32Cfm 1015Psi 20Hp 0.9M3 70Bar 15Kw, Cheap Azl07 Zy13D Mobile Evaporative Air Cooler. Quick Details
Type:Evaporative Air Cooler
Place of Origin:Fujian, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Cheap
Model Number:AZL18-ZX10B
Operating Voltage:220V
Mounting:Floor Standing
Very economic cooling:Runs on just 736W of power

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Carton
Delivery Detail:30days
SpecificationsMore 80 kinds evaporative coolerAirflow 800m3 or h to 100000m3 or hAraft work Chinese national standards evaporative air cooler

  • Description

    Product Description

    Best Price Industrial Water Cooler l18-Zx10B Model: l18-Zx10B(Side Discharge) Characteristics 1.The Casing Is Made Of High Strength Weather Ability Polymers Which Is Uv-Proof,Anti-Aging,And Resistant To Deformation 2.Different Air Discharge Type(Including Top,Down And Side)Can Meet Different Installation Requirements Of Various Applications. 3.Using Specially Designed Axial Fan,With Large Airflow,Low Noise,Low Energy Consumption And Wide Applicability. 4.Using High Quality Aluminum Housing Motor,With Good Heat Dissipation,High Protection Grade,Waterproof And Moisture-Proof 5.Using Automatic Control Of Water System And Opean Type Water Distributor, So Water Can Flow Smoothly And Distributor Is Not Easy To Block 6.Using Highly Efficient Cooling Pads With Large Evaporation Capacity,Good Cooling Efficiency And Easy Cleaning Specification
    Specification B
    Airflow (M3 H) 18000
    Pressure (Pa) 100
    Output(Kw) 0.9
    Power Resource (V Hz) 220 50
    Rated Currency (A) 4
    Fan Type Axial
    Vent Size(Lxw)(Mm) 655*655
    Fan Speeds 1-Phase,Multi-Speeds
    Noise (Dba) &Le;76
    Dimension (Lxwxh)(Mm) 1170*1170*960
    Pad Size(Lxwxh)(Mm) 675*860*100
    Net Weight (&Plusmn;3Kg) 84
    Operation Weight (Kg) 124
    Intellingt Cleaning Approval
    Water Lack Protection Approval
    Controller Lcd
    Pre-Dust Filter Optional
    Exhaust Fixed
    Pre-Cooling Optional
    Group-Control Optional
    Tem&Amp;Hum Control Optional

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