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Industrial Portable Air Conditioner 12V Portable Air Conditioner Room Mini Air Conditioner Buy Room Mini Air Conditioner Mini Portable Air Conditioner Mini Portable Air Conditioner For Cars

Industrial Portable Air Conditioner 12V Portable Air Conditioner Room Mini Air Conditioner Buy Room Mini Air Conditioner Mini Portable Air Conditioner Mini Portable Air Conditioner For Cars

SKU: Industrial-Portable-Air-Conditioner-028

China Manufacture Wholesale Mini Air Conditioner Portable, Water Cooler Air Conditioner Evaporative Air Cooler, Protable Purify Air Conditioner ,Filter Pm2.5, Copeland Zb Series Refrigeration Compressor, Portable Air Conditioner, Air Conditioner For Electric Cars, Portable Air Conditioner For Cars, Ultrasonic Beauty Transducer. Quick Details
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:Huali, Huali
Model Number:HLC-35H, HLC-55H or 35H
Voltage:220V or 50HZ
Warranty:within one year
After-sales Service Provided:Overseas service center available
Color:Yello or Grey
Housing:Plastic and metal

Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:Standard package is carton package ,wooden case is optional .
Delivery Detail:within 3-15days

  • Description

    Product Description

    Advantage Of Dehumidifier
    1.Digtal Humidity Display,Free Setting And Contrl. 2.Mcrocomputer Displayer And Control The Humidity Level By 1%. 3.Warming Of The Errors. (Errors Code Indicate) 4.Cmpressor Is Portected Automatically By Delay In 3 Minutes. 5.Conveniently Moved By The Universal Wheels. 6.Defrosting Automatically.
    Product Features Of Dehumidifier
    1.Blue Screen Liquid Crystal Intellegience Control. 2.Supper Low Noise,Energy Saving And High Effeciency. 3.Temperature Inducting,Controlling And Display Automatically. 4.Water Tank Installed In The Front.Water Level Is Visible. 5.Self-Defrosting When The Environment Temperature Is Below 5&Deg;C. 6.Disassemble Filter Net. Easy To Clean 7.Wheel Design,Convenient For Moving. 8.The Fuction Can Prevent Damage To The Fuselage, And Increase Of Service Life. 9.Electromagnetic Water Level Switch,Stop Running Automatically In Case Of Full Water. 10.The Adsorption Function Of Activated Carbon Can Clean Up The Air,And Adsorb The Toxic Gases And Odor.It&Rsquo;S Environmentally Friendly And Healthy.
    Parameter Of Dehumidifier

    Model 60H
    Capacity 55L D
    Air Volume 750M&Sup3; H
    Power Input (W) 1150
    Usable Floor Area 50-70M&Sup2;
    Refrigerant R407C
    Work Temperature 5-35 &Deg;C
    Tank Volume 6 L
    N.W. (Kg) 33
    G.W. (Kg) 35.4
    Power Supply 220V 50Hz 1Ph
    Model Dimension 425&Times;320&Times;650 Mm
    Carton Dimension 500&Times;400&Times;715 Mm
    Color Yellow
    20&Quot; Gp 110
    40&Quot; Gp 252
    Moq 50 Pcs
    Series Of Dehumidifier

    Showcase Of Factory

    Our Customer

    About Our Certification

    Company Profile
    Is A Modern Large Enterprise, Which Integrates Technology, Industry And Trade. It Is A Professional Enterprise That Provides Central A C, Refrigeration Plant, Eletromechanical Device, Electric Equipment And Electronics, As Engineering Design And Installation Service. Huali Takes An Area Of Over 100,000M2 With An Asset Of More Than 100 Millions And Empolyee Of More Than 500 Persons, And Its Has 5 Branch Companies In The Rest Of China.
    Why Chose Us ?

    Air Conditioner Costs Vary Widely
    The Entire Truth Is Window Tinting Movies Do Not Know The Difference In Between The Summer Sunlight And Winter Season Sun. The Window Tinting You Use On Your Windows Will Assist To Mirror The Infrared Rays That Are Given Off Within The Developing As Nicely As Outside. People As Nicely As Objects Can Mirror Infrared Rays. When Considering The Heat Within On A Cold Winter Season Working Day, This Assists A Lot More Than You Realize.

    Some People Can Tolerate Higher Humidity Much Better Than Other People. Generally, People Who Can’T Tolerate High Humidity Very Nicely Are The Individuals Who Buy Dehumidifiers. But, Other Than Individual Ease And Comfort Elements There Are Other Situations Where A Dehumidifier Comes In Handy.

    Close The Home Windows While Driving On The Highway. Driving With Open Home Windows And Sunlight Roofs At Higher Speeds Add Drag To The Car And Reduce Gas Efficiency. Even Though The Air Conditioner Increases Gas Usage, It’S Still A Much Better Choice On The Freeway Than Open Home Windows.

    First Rule – Educate Yourself About Home Buying. Second Rule – Get Your Self A Good Purchaser’S Agent. Lastly, Go In Search Of Your Perfect Location With Eyes Wide Open! Sudden Things Often Happen To Foreclosed Homes. It’S As If The Home Almost Understands It Has Been Deserted And Starts To Deteriorate – Often Helped Along By Vandals Or An Occasional Squatter.

    Inflatable Slides Function On The Exact Same Premise As Bounce Houses. The Industrial Ones Are Produced From Thick Vinyl Material. A 1 Horsepower Blower Hooks Onto A Tube Coming Out Of The Back Again Of The Inflatable Slide. Then The Blower Is Turned On And The Slide Almost Immediately Inflates. It Is A Really Cool Thing To See A Massive Slide Or Water Slide Inflate! They Tower Over Kids, Grownups, And Sometimes Even Homes! There Are Slides Up To Forty Ft Tall!

    If You Have A Pillow Accessible To You Can Wrap It In An U-Form About Your Head Lay On Your Side And Use It As A Makeshift Earmuffs. Bathroom Paper Wads Or Cotton Balls Can Also Be Utilized As Earplugs If You Are In A Desperate Situation, But Please Be Cautioned These Things Can Irritate Your Ears And Are Not Recommended.

    Try To Generate In Good Weather. Rain, Snow, And Fog Can Cause Numerous Issues To Probably Decrease Gas Usage Efficiency – More Rolling Resistance, Less Traction, More Braking, Inconsistent Speeds – Not To Point Out Improve The Danger Of An Accident.

    The Base Line Is That Window Film Is Important Today To Save Energy, Decrease The Harm Caused By The Sun And Save You Money By Decreasing The Warmth Entering Your Home Or Business, Decreasing Wear And Tear On Your Cooling System And Prolonging The Lifestyle Out Of Your Constructions Interior.

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