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industrial chillers portable air conditioner life

1, industrial chillers portable air conditioner life twice as long traditional central air conditioner, the overall failure rate, equipment maintenance is simple and convenient.

Evaporative portable air conditioner small one-time investment, and high overall operating efficiency, operating costs province, with 2,000 square meters of space, for example, with a evaporative portable air conditioner host 20, one-hour full load calculation, run electricity to 20KW, the traditional central air conditioner running (180) of electricity per hour to 180KW, press operators to run 10 hours a day, a month can save 48,000 yuan electricity, saving up to 89%.

2, industrial water chiller portable air conditioner is the use of evaporative cooling refrigeration principle, air distance, air volume, make the open places even temperature distribution, both filtering. So that the indoor environment comfortable, high oxygen content, fresh air, and the traditional central air conditioning is the direct use of freon refrigeration, air temperature, and a small amount of wind, the room temperature is not easy even. And the ventilation is poor, not suitable for semi-enclosed spaces, if prolonged use and easy to get “Air conditioning disease.”

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