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imminent haze hidden dangers do not let dirty air top of your lungs

October, the weather gradually cooler. Get rid of the hot summer, feel the autumn time, but also pay attention to outdoor air quality. Every autumn and winter season, PM2.5 pollution will become a hot topic. The face of this air, how to protect the health of the whole family, pm2.5 has become a not around the key words. If you are still in trouble for such a situation, may wish to try this issue to bring you Daikin intelligent perception of 3D air duct type fresh air purification indoor unit!

Daikin intelligent sensing 3D air duct type purification indoor unit

More healthy breathing high-quality filter: continuous fresh air more peace of mind

Daikin intelligent perception of 3D air duct type purification indoor unit, a small indoor unit, set portable air conditioner, air purification, intelligent air as one, can provide a separate room for a separate air purification solution, enjoy the comfort of portable air conditioner The same time, you can also enjoy the fresh air of good health. This machine is very targeted, specifically for the current domestic air quality in particular R & D. (SO2, NO2) pure filter, combined with the introduction of new components of the wind, can give their families and children to bring more healthy green (in addition to the use of static dust filter, PM2.5), as well as automotive exhaust gas nitrogen and sulfur oxidation of harmful gases Respiratory environment. Now the role of central portable air conditioner is not just refrigeration and heating, but to ensure that the room temperature in the case of harmful substances in the air filter (PM2.5, SO2, NO2). This machine is able to meet all your needs, not only can help you better control the indoor temperature, comfort, convenience, etc. also has a good performance.

Daikin filter (PM2.5 electrostatic integrated filter + sulfur dioxide nitrogen dioxide harmful gases) diagram

In addition, Daikin this machine has a one-piece smooth panel air outlet, the use of high-grade ABS resin panel, coupled with sophisticated processing technology, more fit the ceiling shape. 3D air outlet with high-grade resin material, cooling is not easy to dew condensation, careful design to avoid the many daily life will encounter problems. And it is closed, the air outlet will automatically closed, not only to more beautiful interior decoration, but also effectively prevent the dust into the interior of the interior.

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Intellisense: 3D Airflow to Local Conditions

For portable air conditioner, we love and fear, regardless of hot summer straight blow, or cold winter head warm feet cold. The reason is simple: the direct flow of air, hot and cold air of different quality, and the uneven distribution of room temperature led to differences in body temperature. In fact, as long as the air flow evenly and break up will bring gentle and thoughtful comfort, Daikin intelligent perception of 3D air duct type fresh air purification indoor unit can be set by remote control can freely adjust the level of the outlet louvers and vertical blinds Of the horizontal louver swing angle of 0 ° -60 °, up and down swing; vertical louver swing angle of 45 °, about swing. For example, 3D air is like “in the American coffee Riga with milk, and then stir with a spoon,” the hot and cold air will stir open.

imminent haze hidden dangers do not let dirty air top of your lungs

In addition, the Daikin intelligent perception of 3D air duct type fresh air purification indoor unit and an intimate “wisdom eye” function, with two different sizes of intelligent probe. A probe can detect the temperature near the ground, to ensure that near the foot of the temperature close to our set temperature. Another probe, you can detect the location of the human body, such as children and the elderly at home, you can choose to avoid the human body function, to avoid the cold air to blow straight to reduce portable air conditioner airflow caused by discomfort. In the intelligent perception and 3D airflow with the whole room airflow is more uniform and more comfortable.

We know that home central portable air conditioner is a system, through an outdoor unit to connect multiple indoor units in the form of the whole house-wide installation. Therefore, consider the installation of central portable air conditioner owners, in the early decoration, that is, when the water comes into the market to arrange a professional portable air conditioner service providers to carry the door volume, planning installation location. The system into the overall design, the decoration more smoothly, to avoid installation problems.

Now more and more owners in the decoration of the central portable air conditioner, how to find a balance between the two is worthy of our consideration. Life is getting better and better, to protect health is the first to bear the brunt, we have not satisfied with simple basic necessities, more quality of life is the next pursuit of the goal. If you have any questions or comments about this area, you can call the telephone consultation or visit the website for more details.

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