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Haier portable air conditioner intelligent service: from machine to human experience change

When the home appliance service encounter “Internet +” will wipe out a new spark? Recently, Haier portable air conditioner smart portable air conditioner service standards and air health service plan conference, leading the development of intelligent service standards in the industry, and open coverage of the 10,000 community “dust collection action.” Haier portable air conditioner this move from the content, standards to action, redefine the “Internet +” era of home appliances smart services to promote home appliances from the machine as the center to the human-centered cognitive change, to provide users with better and more convenient air Intelligent service experience.

Previous portable air conditioner service – installation, maintenance, maintenance, are around the machine turn, the Haier portable air conditioner to focus on the user. According to the person in charge of Haier portable air conditioner, Haier smart services based on Haier good air service platform, the use of the Internet and artificial intelligence, automatic identification of users from purchase to replacement of the whole process experience in the dominant and potential demand, active, efficient, green, personality To provide a variety of value-added services.

To the moment the haze day public breathing problems, for example, Haier portable air conditioner to launch the expansion of intelligent services not only “air butler” can 24 hours to monitor indoor air quality, real-time remind users to guard against indoor “dirty lung portable air conditioner” and other health respiratory hazards; There are “service supermarket”, in the haze days under the maternal and child, decoration, children and other sensitive needs, the joint home stakeholders, custom diversified air intelligent service options. Haier portable air conditioner official said, Haier portable air conditioner of the intelligent service innovation, will be completely from the cold as the core product, to user-centric, to achieve all services to provide users with healthy, convenient and comfortable air experience.

National Information Center, Deputy Director of Information Resources Development, said Cai Ying, 2016 smart air conditioner market will maintain rapid growth, competition will become more intense, and innovative products, innovative applications, innovative business models and service models may exceed the competition Their own competition, the popularity of the domestic intelligent portable air conditioner will be greatly enhanced. Haier portable air conditioner pioneered the new era of the Internet service model, the use of intelligent products and the depth of integration of the Internet, a 24-hour online, to know, predict the needs of users, subversion of traditional delivery, installation, repair and other content at the core Of the service awareness, consumers will create a better and more convenient intelligent service experience.

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This is not the first subversion of Haier industry service awareness. Review Since 1994, Haier launched the “no moving” service to open service has been precedent, more than 20 years from the “no moving” services as the representative of the service and bring high-value-added services to create a four-free service moved to today Of the smart services, Haier portable air conditioner has been continuing appliance service innovation. Industry observers pointed out that the Haier portable air conditioner service behind the knowledge, can not be separated from the continued attention to user needs and strong technical strength of support, each stage of its service upgrades are to give users a better experience, while the industry Also brought an example of upgrading.

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