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portable air conditioner vs household air conditioner in every aspect

Many customers winter and consultancy Industrial portable air conditioner chillers, heard about our offer Industrial portable air conditioner chillers, we all can not help but ask, how you price of Industrial portable air conditioner chillers more expensive than domestic portable air conditioner ? Well, today, summer and winter, and we talk about it, why the price of industrial air conditioners are more expensive than the average household air it?

how to install a portable air conditioner

First, from the core part, the portableairconditionerac.com portable air conditioner in all industrial imports Panasonic compressor, advanced rotary closed compressor is equipped with advanced and highly efficient finned heat sink and water film heat transfer tube internal thread, low noise fan, etc. can be a long uninterrupted refrigeration, air conditioning and home if long continuous work, easily damaged.

Secondly, the portableairconditionerac.com portable air conditioner industry is one design, compact and lightweight, the bottom of the press have caster, free to move, to better serve the industrial cooling field. Our home air conditioning for the split portable air conditioner , the installation requires holes in the wall, once after pretending not move freely. Like the same configuration of laptop necessarily more expensive than desktop computers, so it is not hard to understand why the same number of horses than the domestic portable air conditioner industry air conditioner more expensive.

In addition, winter and summer portable air conditioner industry also in harsh environments, such as in the steel shop, hotel kitchens and other places can be a good fit, and home air conditioners to cool the environment demanding, once the smoke, dust and more industrial environments, it is easy to plug filters and other destruction. Therefore, winter and summer portable air conditioner industry to better adapt to the industrial environment, more durable and better.

In general, winter and summer cooling industrial air conditioners are cooling equipment for industrial and professional well-designed, better than all aspects of home air conditioners, home air conditioning has central air conditioning can not be replaced even outstanding refrigeration cooling effect.

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