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household lectures portable air conditioner cleaning knowledge

Into the midsummer, the weather gradually becomes hot, home portable air conditioner will enter the frequent use phase. As the portable air conditioner after a quarter of winter shelved, the accumulation of a large number of dust and bacteria, if the direct use will affect the user’s health. Therefore, many users choose portable air conditioner cleaning services.

household lectures portable air conditioner cleaning knowledge

Here to remind you, if you are cleaning their own portable air conditioner, we recommend that you contact the portable air conditioner manufacturers and after-sales department, consult the portable air conditioner cleaning precautions, because the brand portable air conditioner technology used in different materials, cleaning there will be many subtle Different need to pay attention to, while the choice of portable air conditioner disinfectant dedicated, in accordance with the use of the product description to clean;

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If you choose to provide business-site cleaning service, you have to note the following: First, select the formal registration, professional qualifications, good reputation reputation of the business or contact the after-sales department to inquire about whether to provide cleaning portable air conditioner services, because they understand themselves Of the products, and service by the manufacturers supervision; Second, both sides of the portable air conditioner before the inspection, to confirm whether the normal operation of portable air conditioner, the aging line to avoid failure after cleaning the portable air conditioner and difficult to distinguish responsibilities; Third, the charges, cleaning Scope and other services to be agreed in advance, after the face-to-face confirmation; Fourth, we recommend that you schedule an appointment with the portable air conditioner business cleaning services, so as to avoid the phenomenon of crowding together, affecting your use.

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