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smart portable air conditioner and intelligent portable air conditioner

Not long ago, the “smart portable room air conditioner industry White Paper” released in Beijing, which is about the intelligent portable air conditioning industry “white paper.” For a time, intelligent portable air conditioner industry has once again become a hot topic. At the same time, there is news that on the turn of the year, the upcoming new release season, portableairconditionerac.com, as one of the representative of leading mainstream brands, without exception, will be positioned as a smart new product in the cold year 2017 market flagship product, intelligent battlefield smoke explosive starts.

Recalling the history of China’s portable air conditioner market development in the past 20 years, the one who can compete with the intelligent portable air conditioner is the inverter air conditioner only. From entering the public eye to market penetration, to grow mature, inverter portable air conditioner spent almost 10 years, bumpy course of a long story. In contrast, intelligent portable air conditioner once available on the overwhelming road, just three years or so through the inverter portable air conditioner to 10 years of development, is rapidly becoming “phenomenal-level” products in portable air conditioner industry.

homedepot portable air conditioner

If we say that the year of 2014 is the first year of being smart year, then intelligent portable air conditioning industry is now growing fast. For consumers 80s, 90s, the smart portable air conditioner is not only physical attributes, but also a consumption habits. National Information Center data show that: As of April 2016, accounting for the overall intelligent portable air conditioner sales ratio increased from 9.58 percent the same period last year to 13%. Smart portable air conditioner era has come, just like the original smart mobile cellphones. At present, portableairconditionerac.com as the representative of major portable air conditioners brands have complete smart strategic transformation, the portable air conditioners market competition is pushed to the smart new pattern.

The one who wins customers win the market. In addition to cooling, the basic properties of the outer heating, air conditioning and more intelligent to give consumers a comfortable and convenient experience. This portable air conditioner do as the users would like, from intelligent products, intelligent manufacturing, multi-dimensional intelligence service for the user to build a full range and depth of smart environment, smart self-cleaning portable air conditioner is to become a full range of sub-groups to meet the diverse needs of outstanding cases . The same data from the National Information Center, from January to April 2016, sales of smart portable air conditioners market, with sales in the two indicators are more than 60% share in the first place, to achieve a comprehensive market at all levels.

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