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hold live fashion wind to help you create these high end air conditioned living room

Recent fashion circles of various news frequently, whether it is held last week, 2017 Wei Mi Xiu, or recently announced the COSMO Awards will lead the new year trend. High-end products in the pursuit of popular all the way to go in the forefront, so when we are shopping for high-end products are more popular today Xiaobian give you recommend several tall living room portable air conditioner products.

Mitsubishi Electric MFZ-VJ50VA portable air conditioner with full DC inverter technology, efficient heat exchanger and carefully optimized cooling system to make the whole machine cooling more heat, a recent hot-selling models of the market. The design of the machine using quiet fan motor and air duct system design, leading to the level of silence. All-dimensional three-dimensional air supply, can quickly natural even cool (warm) wind throughout the room, make the body feel more comfortable.

In addition, Mitsubishi Electric VJ series portable air conditioner has a cool sense of control technology, portable air conditioner in the past to use the room temperature control to somatosensory control, cool feeling operation, the air guide plate down from 16 ° to 30 ° swing automatically, the whole room cooling , According to the air outlet temperature adjustment upward and downward wind direction, to avoid the body side cold, cool and healthy and comfortable.

hold live fashion wind to help you create these high end air conditioned living room

Fujitsu KFR-72LW Bpla portable air conditioner full DC inverter compressor to run more energy-saving portable air conditioner, 3D surround-style wide-angle three-dimensional air supply will be comfortable air flow evenly to every corner of the room to avoid blowing the human body can easily lock the air supply range , 15m long-distance fixed-point air supply.

Open the smart key, the portable air conditioner running automatically reference indoor and outdoor temperature, create a comfortable body feel, but also quickly reduce the humidity, more suitable for the southern region. At the same time, the machine running noise is lower, more humane.

FNPa-A2 portable air conditioner with Gree’s first integrated lift door design, in the off state, integrated lift door will be closed, and the body of the LED display is hidden, not only to prevent Dust easy to clean, but also highlights the fashion elements.

It uses the world’s first internal and external dual-track support, very solid, not prone to failure. At the same time, taking into account the comfort and energy saving, the establishment of “human somatosensory temperature – portable air conditioner automatic operating temperature – indoor temperature” one of the three-dimensional database, to reduce temperature fluctuations at the same time to achieve the purpose of saving. Shower-style cooling, carpet heating, so that portable air conditioner to use more healthy.

Panasonic 72LW BpVK1N European-style high-end portable air conditioner design, quite trendy, fashion beauty, and champagne gold color and gives the product atmosphere, noble qualities, with different decoration styles together, won the user’s favorite.

Matsushita original nanoe-G nano-ion technology and anti-mildew antibacterial filter with the use of portable air conditioner not only to the indoor air sterilization, dust removal, in addition to PM2.5, but also to protect the internal self-cleaning portable air conditioner; the same time, Panasonic 72LW BpVK1N portable air conditioner and Panasonic air purifier

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