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hisense super long heating up all the people portable air conditioner industry into the value of the new track

Recently, with the Hisense portable air conditioner third heating Festival recently set off a round of energy-efficient inverter air conditioner and other high-end products to buy tide, and this portable air conditioner in the history of “the longest duration, the highest degree of participation” heating festival A new upsurge, which officially marks the first cold-year portable air conditioner market in 2017 officially ended the fighting and across the board victory: a round of energy-efficient, high-quality consumer wave is quietly rising, precipitation 20 years of scientific and technological innovation is becoming a new consumer demand activation Power, value war to replace the price war, a new direction of industrial competition.

After a series of carnival, just as some portable air conditioner manufacturers that the first round of the new cold war will come to an end of the occasion of the 17th anniversary of the Golden Week, the promotion of the Golden Week 9, Golden Week 2011, 11.5 home appliances brand day, and 11.11 Electric Business Shopping Festival, Hisense portable air conditioner heating section in the market into the depths of winter after burning “a fire”: the second wave of war intensified. At the same time positioning high-end groups “luxury class” Bright portable air conditioner also listed at the end of the year ahead, the entire portable air conditioner industry competition to a new height: that is willing to build businesses to sell, users are willing to buy high-end boutique.

hisense super long heating up all the people portable air conditioner industry into the value of the new track

The first cold war, industrial competition accelerated return to the origin

2016 cold at the end of that field continued high temperature weather in the accelerated inventory digestion, but also to the entire portable air conditioner market in 2017 new cold young battle. And accompanied by the rise in the wave of high-end consumer upgrades, as well as Hisense and other industry giants frequency, intelligent detonation, portable air conditioner competition began to return to the origin: the power of science and technology innovation power products, activate new consumer demand.

By this direct impact, 17 years of cold years to “innovation and product power” as the theme of the comprehensive transformation of the industry to accelerate: not only the success of the past out of the quagmire of low prices, more out of a single technological innovation channel, but the user pain points and Demand to create new standards for high-end portable air conditioner, terminal reconstruction of new content reconstruction, manufacturers, merchants and consumers continue to build a new development between the win-win situation, so that technological innovation truly become enterprises to participate in market competition, activate consumer demand “pioneer “.

compact portable air conditioner

First in the “Golden September and Silver October” period, the goddess of portable air conditioner, led by pearls in the high-end boutique quickly became popular in the market, leveraging Hisense portable air conditioner market share climbing at the same time, but also to the business has brought new impetus and confidence. Behind this series of new products is standing on the user perspective, across the frequency technology and intelligent technology two camps, the vertical fashion design, integration of art, as well as internal functions, intelligent operation of the whole machine easy to get through, To achieve “applauded.”

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