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Hisense shop air conditioning help build gold shop Wang Pu

Chinese people always use the “good omen” to indicate some things, everything at the beginning of the good, the back will be all smooth. And the beginning of a shop is to decorate, decoration is good or bad for business

Fire or not also has a great relationship. How to decoration, in order to upgrade the shop into a shop it?

Design sense, first impression
Eye-catching most of the shop in the design sense are more prominent. One of the most important is the design of signs. Most of the new, simple signs, and with the overall design of the store can be integrated

One, will make people kind of at a glance, straight to the point of feeling, impressed at the same time, but also a clear shop to operate the project. Followed by the store’s lighting design,

Through different lighting intensity and different colors of light with the customer to create a comfortable environment, and its color can also be to stimulate people to buy the purpose of desire.

Everything from Jane, win more
Wang Pu decoration need to uphold the principle of simplicity, refers to the shop furnishings, decoration style and so simple. For any shop, if the store is arranged, the accumulation of over full,

Always give a sense of repression, so that customers will not stay in the shop long. On the contrary, simple shops, allowing customers to have a pleasant physical and mental feelings, so they will grow their stay

Time, which is an effective way to tap potential customers.

Security, to be guarded in the first place
Preventive measures designed in the shop decoration is a very critical step, a series of security-related risks need to consider comprehensive, ahead of prevention. If the number of lights in the shop too much

, It must have a lot of lines laid, which need to take into account the risk of fire will not be. Therefore, the decoration materials within the shop must be equipped with fire performance. There are shops inside the defense

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Theft measures, need to install the camera or anti-theft alarm and other devices.

Energy saving and environmental protection, eternal topic
In the process of shop decoration, the installation of water, electricity and other energy consumption facilities, to choose energy-efficient equipment. This is not only conducive to environmental protection, but also save shop expenses, pre-large investment,

Later in addition to the need to earn profits in sales, but also from a variety of energy consumption to save out. At the same time, in addition to equipment, materials, environmental protection, the store should also create a window of a few net ring

Environment, to ensure smooth ventilation, to the guests a fresh and comfortable space.

Hisense shop central air conditioning, Wang Pu decoration secret weapons
Hisense shop central air conditioning four directions embedded machine, the new panel design, you can easily integrate into a variety of decoration environment, do not break the overall design sense of the shop at the same time, but also fully taken into account

The preciousness of the spatial location. If it is high-end decoration of the business environment, can be used to install the way to install the ceiling, do not block the store light, so that the store to achieve the effect of bright atmosphere,

And its quality environment complement each other. If it is a new fashion personality shop, it can be used to install the way, combined with the spatial structure of the decoration design, rich sense of space design.

At the same time, its full range of air supply effect, the wind evenly and smoothly, so that the space air comfortable without dead ends.

Coupled with the standard 800mm head condensate lift pump, efficient and timely discharge of condensate; the same time the indoor unit standard float switch, in the condensate discharge is not smooth, the float switch alarm and from

Turn off the machine to stop running, to avoid condensate overflow spill the ceiling. Not only that, the control panel also has a functional interface, can be linked with the room card, card boot, pull card shutdown,

Anti-system connection, when the fire alarm system automatically shut down. And the system electronic control board, through the temperature of 85 ℃, relative humidity of 85% of the rigorous test can also be normal operation. Layers of protection

, To ensure safety.

Hisense shop is the national certification of energy efficient products, which means that Hisense shop central air conditioning than ordinary air conditioning, can be better to reduce operating costs. And the use of high products

Effective and reliable, the character does not harm the R410A environmental protection refrigerant, will not damage the Earth’s ozone layer, to create a more fresh and harmonious space.

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