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hisense portable air conditioner revolution

Then throughout the eleventh Golden Week and double eleven electricity business shopping festival, a “third heating festival” as the theme of Hisense portable air conditioner to promote the full line of heavy, from the Shandong rush to the national From the ultra-strong focus on heating portable air conditioner detonated to the heavy energy-saving environmental protection subsidies released; from the Golden Week after the market again rush to double-eleven electricity business section of the online and offline integration frontal snatch, This is not just to bring the market, businesses and consumers more choice, more importantly, in the original winter market is to create a new pattern of continuous selling. Hisense portable air conditioner industry’s competitiveness is thus fully highlighted.

hisense portable air conditioner revolution

Is the so-called “hard work pays off.” This round of high-end new products, cold market hot line of the market initiative, so that Hisense portable air conditioner also catch the “high-end consumer boom detonated” the first train. Data show: in the heating section of the country detonated within three weeks, Hisense portable air conditioner product structure continued iteration, 12 energy efficiency in its own sales accounted for 72.5%, 35 percentage points over the same period, exceeding the industry average of 27 percentage points. At the same time Hisense inverter air conditioner sales accounted for more than 85% of its own, becoming the industry’s first to achieve the frequency of universal access to the enterprise.

In the new cold years since the opening of the three months, Hisense portable air conditioner is still building a “self-development, self-driven” new competitive system: in the product to explore scientific and technological innovation and consumption upgrade the outlet, out of low prices to promote high-end taste of life Way to achieve the value of detonation; in the market to build products and businesses active detonation, the user recognized the integration of the market to promote efficient and stable development, and ultimately take the lead in the portable air conditioner industry to open up a new path of development.

Heating section continued to detonate, Hisense high-end market and then get coquettish

Recently more than two months, 10.1 Golden Week, 11.11 Electric Shopping Festival have been detonated, continue to stir cold winter market contrarian growth. Which exploded from mid-October has been burning to the end of November Hisense portable air conditioner heating section, the success of various types of home appliance industry, the success of the occasion of the terminal promotion, but also to achieve high-end Hisense inverter frequency of new consumer trends lead. This means that in the next portable air conditioner industry competition, into the value of the new enterprise competition will be more rational track.

Hisense portable air conditioner confidence is due to its in-house completion of the differential technology as the core of the establishment of differentiated innovation system; in the external completion of the grasp of high-end consumer trends and lead; in the end competition to complete the independent drive to build a new rhythm ; The final formation of 2017 years of cold competition in the market multiple drive system, so that businesses are willing to push the high-end confidence, so that users are willing to buy high-end needs, so Hisense not only provide products, but also create high-quality life scenes and experiences.

compare portable air conditioner

Hisense portable air conditioner heating Festival in the second wave set off a new upsurge before a model for the X720 Hisense Colorful portable air conditioner Guiji listed first sold burst, once again to the winter market to bring a strong heating whirlwind. As this year’s winter portable air conditioner market, the first flagship super-hot new products, it is not only through the frequency conversion technology and the depth of integration of intelligent technology to bring “super heating effect”; more through the appearance of fashion and art integration, High quality of life of the new model. This is Hisense portable air conditioner products in the first-line market once again Sword, indicating that the entire Chinese household electrical appliance enterprises significantly enhance the innovation capability.

Data from the PRC, as of the end of November this year, inverter air conditioner sales accounted for 74%, a second-line energy-efficient products accounted for 43%. Which art Guiji market share has reached 52%, an increase of 10 percentage points. Since the Golden Week this year, a wave of high-end consumer wave will be staged in the home appliance industry quickly to the art of high-end Guiji, led by high-end products, the formal blowout into the market fast lane.

From this point of view, in the next market competition, growth for Hisense portable air conditioner is only “ripe” results. More importantly, with the energy-efficient inverter air conditioner to become the mainstream of market consumption, while the entire consumer groups began to upgrade from the low-end to high-end, a belongs to the development of China’s new portable air conditioner industry has opened a new golden age curtain, which will Bringing all the portable air conditioner companies from the drive system, business philosophy to the business model of the new changes.

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