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haier store 20 years of being backuped by

Haier stores operating for 20 years, the highest household electrical appliance industry record the most longevity stores. 20 years, Haier nearly 40,000 stores all over the country, and maintain the growth rate of not less than 21%. In this behind the support of Haier brand strength, there are numerous dealer support. According to local conditions, on-demand change, so that each Haier stores have local characteristics, different business stories, about a Haier store business history.

Anshan Feida Haier stores, general manager of Ma Cheng

Haier stores operating 18 years

The cumulative turnover of 480 million yuan

Ma Cheng Haier stores operating 18 years, starting from the appliance business stalls, and now its nearly 100 employees, three 2,000 square meters of user experience shop, the average monthly sales of 5 million.

Internet era, relying on Haier platform to create micro-marketing online communication, closely follow the group of ideas, through customized products, fine management to adjust the industrial structure, and create a team of customers, restore product value. Through more than 10 years, led the staff to achieve cumulative sales of 480 million. Haier stores as the current president of the country, has been wonderful in the way forward!< br>
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Changzhou Jintan Haier store general manager Zhang Dongming

Haier stores operating 20 years

Haier home appliances sold 350,000 units

Zhang Dongming Haier stores adhering to the Group’s strategic policy, after 20 years. Through the service to the town, the marketing to the store, the source of revenue and reduce the group policy, through many economic changes, Wuxi center to become the largest store dealer, the National Haier store vice president units, the National Haier portable air conditioner unit.

Network coverage Wujin, Jintan, Liyang three regions, with annual sales of more than 100 million, were sold 350,000 units of Haier appliances, a deserved large-scale network of distributors, and become the model of Haier stores.

Zhengzhou Hai Cheng, general manager of Haier store bow Chen

As the second generation took over the father of the sea store business

5 years will store retail sales from 40 million value-added 80 million

80 after the bow Chen will be young people’s innovative thinking and group strategy, bold attempt. Haier user-centric brand concept, around the user from the store image, staff training, after-sales logistics and other aspects to enhance the shopping environment and service levels, through the experience and products to impress the user. After five years of reform plans, and now the scale of retail stores has increased from 40 million to 80 million.

Songyuan De Tai Haier general manager of Sun Yuhong stores

Haier stores operating 17 years

Do O2O high-end experience was named the top ten stores

Sun Yuhong and Haier store stood 17 years, relying on the Haier brand platform, from the beginning of the scale of the development of 200 square meters to the present three stores and a Museum of the four pillars, into the local leading enterprises, Changchun Center unit customers.

Germany and Thailand experience the store was opened as the top ten stores. Sun Yuhong reflections, shop 17 years, the development of the store behind the Haier brand strength, quality products and strong support for market strategy.

Anhui Xuancheng Haier store general manager Lin Xiaofa

Haier stores operating 17 years

Store sales increased from 2 million to 130 million

Lin Xiaofa Haier stores opened 17 years, store sales this year from 200 million helicopters 130 million. In the operation of the store at the same time, Lin is also enthusiastic about public welfare, to help the elderly, for the laid-off hardships of household repair, condolences to the local garrison troops, charity and other charity activities are not uncommon.

Lin Xiaofa that Haier business for him to create a material wealth in the Haier at the same time, he hopes to contribute to the community will be grateful for a responsibility, a love.

Zhengzhou Hai Haier store general manager Feng Jinrong

Take the initiative to seek the transformation of the Internet

Double 11 carnival sales in a single day to achieve 8.13 million

Feng Jinrong store started in 2009, stores from 1 to 10, breaking the scale of market size. In the development of the store has gradually stabilized, along with the development of the Internet, relying on Haier online and offline bi-directional layout strategy, Feng Jinrong into the Internet, the face of user needs fragmentation, diversification, Feng Jinrong led electric business team to introduce a variety of products, “Long time no see” home flagship store, double 11 single-day sales of 8.13 million, a model of Haier store Internet transformation.< br>< br>Shantou Chenghai Haier store general manager Xiao Jintong

Haier stores operating 19 years

Haier products sales exceeded 50 million

haier store 20 years of being backuped by behind a group of people who contributed

As a professional manager, Xiao Jintong in 2009 when the bottleneck encountered in the development of the store to join, with professional managers thinking and Haier development ideas, and vigorously develop the township store construction, good service network of townships. Haier with the quality and reputation of a breakthrough barrier, allowing users to become the store’s communicator and spokesperson. Brand strength and innovation to Shantou Chenghai annual sales exceeded 50 million, out of the woods, the rapid development.

Chengdu Hairun Haier store general manager million male

Unique million model performance doubled growth

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Wanxiong as Xindu District Haier service providers, only 14 months to achieve the turnover doubled, which originated from his original Wanxiong model.

Xindu District, Chengdu, the largest electrical market near the regional chaos, Haier has been a weak area. Wanxiong Haier according to the layout according to local conditions, personally visit the countryside to study, understand the local market, with three months of training, distribution, trial sales, the final use of “Haier” sincere and true sales impressed the local channel , Just one year Hairun Hair from 8 to 20 network development, successfully into the local market.

Jiaozhou Yongchun Haier store general manager Yang Honggang

Haier stores operating 20 years

Store business model transformation of the pioneer

Yang Honggang operating stores for 20 years, since the venture and the Group to grow. 01 years has become the first sales service stores, the same year received the president of Haier Group Yang Mianmian, rotating president Zhou Yunjie’s work guidance, 02 Yang Honggang get Zhang chief interview, opened in 2008 county-level store 500 square precedent.

Nine dealers on behalf of the nine stories only Haier store 20 years in miniature, and Haier store business history will also be throughout the country in different ways to continue. December 10 – 11, Haier stores 20 anniversary will soon visit the country, not only the entire set of smart appliances, there are 20-year-old user free replacement and other multiple surprises, Thanksgiving feedback old and new users.

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