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haier smart portable air cooler chillers conditioner in Jiangsu, the first to build smart electricity community

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Internet to change the way people connect the same time, the concept of community has also been redefined, the current “community +” has become the industry’s persistent exploration of new outlet. July 14, Haier Appliance Industry Group and the State Grid Corporation of Jiangsu Province Electric Power Company formally signed the “Internet +” intelligent power in the field of strategic cooperation agreement. The two will not only cooperate in the form of response to the demand side of the power of a new attempt, will also rely on Haier smart portable air cooler chillers conditioner user base to jointly build a smart electricity community.

It is undeniable that the whole society is entering the “community era”, that everyone is a personal unit, the value of each person will be reflected, and with the individual as an independent link between the continuous strengthening of “multi-center “And” center iterations fast “network-like structure that the community began to emerge. Once the people with the same value appeal form the community, the next step should be considered is the community’s operational problems. “Relationship” and “content” have become the two key factors to maintain the effectiveness of the community.

It is understood that Haier smart portable air cooler chillers conditioner in Jiangsu to build a smart energy-saving community to Haier good air APP as the entrance, bringing together a voluntary response to demand side of the user. National grid according to Haier intelligent data platform to collect the data analysis of user habits, in the peak period through the background intelligent system response to grid demand, automatic control to the comfortable temperature and energy saving. Once the power load to reduce the range, the user can receive a certain amount of red envelopes reward. This effective solution to reduce the summer peak load of electricity during the same time, will also continue to accelerate the “Internet + smart electricity” floor.

As the first smart layout of the portable air cooler chillers conditioner brand strategy, Haier smart air conditioners are now in technology, experience, word of mouth on the formation of the advantages of sex, while the accumulation of a wealth of user resources, which are the National Grid will choose Haier as portable air cooler chillers conditioner cooperation Brand, and community building attempt. According to data, from January to April 2016, Haier in the smart air conditioner market sales, sales of the two indicators are more than 60% share in the first place. In addition, Haier intelligent air-conditioning to build the industry’s most comprehensive large-scale data cloud platform, has achieved a global coverage of 29 countries and regions in the country to reach 443 cities, 57228 district, the data volume of 40 billion or more, The amount of uploaded data per day is reached.

Specific to the operation of the smart electricity community, Haier will be good in the air through the APP user interaction community and other sections, using the user’s common pursuit of good air to build Haier smart portable air cooler chillers conditioner user community, and collected a wealth of Users use data and resources. At the same time, the two sides will be based on Haier intelligent air-conditioning user base, the common precise locking of the power demand side of the user response, in promoting the user intelligence, enhance the user experience, will effectively alleviate the power grid operating pressure, intelligent Extension of the electrical network on the electrical side.

In the accurate positioning of the target user, how to guide and encourage users to further participate in and share among the community in the building must be considered. Community members need to establish better communication mechanisms to help users better communication between, and use the Internet to reduce the cost of sharing and increase the value of sharing. With the help of good air APP internal energy consumption PK and other game-oriented mechanism, Haier intelligent portable air cooler chillers conditioner has also been able to further stimulate the community vitality, allowing users to continue active and active participation, and in the process of digging user demand potential.

“The game changes the world,” a book that: “a group of people with common interests began to interact to promote this interest, the community appeared.” Haier and the national grid Jiangsu Electric Power to start a new field of intelligent portable air cooler chillers conditioner exploration, Not only can give full play to both intelligent and smart home in terms of innovative advantages, technological advantages, common smart grid in the residential side of the expansion will also rely on Haier smart portable air cooler chillers conditioner community based on innovative applications, including Haier portable air cooler chillers conditioner, Power grid, as well as users of the three win-win situation between Jiangsu. Industry experts said that this is a new concept area of ​​the community and a new extension, which in achieving the precise target user location, it will also become the future power demand side to enhance the response to a powerful means.

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