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haier self cleaning portable air conditioner listed 1 year zdc users referred to rate of 71 percent

August 18, ZDC Internet consumer research center released “2016 in the first half of China’s portable air conditioner products market research report.” According to the report, “self-cleaning” and the frequency conversion are high-quality representatives of the new technology to change the life, consumers are willing to pay for high-quality products.

haier self cleaning portable air conditioner listed 1 year zdc users referred to rate of 71 percent

It is reported that self-cleaning portable air conditioner by the Haier initiative, due to give themselves a bath, to solve the difficult problem of indoor air pollution caused by the cleaning inside the portable air conditioner, by consumer recognition. Listed 1 year, Haier self-cleaning portable air conditioner sales exceeded 1 million units, becoming the best-selling smart portable air conditioner. Haier is currently the only 12,000 stores in the country to do “portable air conditioner bath” real machine demonstration of the brand. Today, “self-cleaning” portable air conditioner industry has become a trend of the trend.

In the cold 2017 conference, Haier in the user interaction, the self-cleaning technology upgrades iterated into six patented technologies. After the iterative self-cleaning can not only give the indoor unit bath, contain bacteria breeding heat exchanger, but also to the outdoor unit self-cleaning. In the high-temperature environment, Haier portable air conditioner outdoor expansion of the cold self-cleaning technology, frost, defrost and strong stripping the dirt inside the outdoor unit, portable air conditioner more efficient, energy saving. At the same time for the indoor unit fan, duct dust and bacterial residues, Haier launched dual ion sterilization technology, sterilization rate of 99%.

In addition to technical iterative updating, Haier portable air conditioner for the popularization of indoor air health, but also the first in the country to start “dust collection action.” So far, Haier intelligent portable air conditioner has entered the country more than 10,000 residential, home cleaning and maintenance of portable air conditioner free of charge, but also to collect air-conditioned dust color samples, drawing “Chinese family air chromatography map” for more users of the dirty portable air conditioner science popular hazards and The necessity of portable air conditioner self – cleaning. According to rough statistics, based on dust collection mode and the user’s precise interaction, every 10 reservations to buy Haier self-cleaning portable air conditioner users, the actual transaction there are eight.

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With the increase in consumer acceptance, portable air conditioner products, self-cleaning function has gradually become the mainstream trend. In the past Haier smart portable air conditioner 2017 cold new conference, Haier announced 2017 cold years to the whole society universal Guiji, hang up and so the full range of “will take a bath of portable air conditioner.” This also means that throughout the 2017 cold years, the user in the terminal store to buy Haier portable air conditioner is “will take a bath of portable air conditioner.”

In recent years, Haier in technology, design continue to break through, the product quickly recognized by consumers. According to the State Information Center released the latest market data, Haier intelligent portable air conditioner products market share, has been maintained for 30 consecutive months in more than 60%. Haier smart self-cleaning portable air conditioner to become the first choice for consumers of intelligent air conditioning products.

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