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Haier push microphone air conditioning mobile phone into mobile remote control

Recently, held in Guangzhou, “WeChat public” partner communication meeting, the world’s first use of WeChat control technology Haier Tianzhuang air conditioning, causing Tencent (447.2, -0.60, -0.13%, real-time quotes) WeChat partners interest The And on November 30, Haier in Guangzhou to open the wisdom of life museum, Haier start green intelligent wisdom trip activities, this WeChat air conditioning to the scene.

“For those who often forget to put the remote control, with mobile terminals to control home appliances is a good choice and new trends.” Haier responsible person, Haier and Tencent jointly launched the world’s first application of WeChat technology home appliances — Tianzhuang air conditioning, Home appliances in the field of the first use of micro-control electrical control precedent.

automobile portable air conditioner

The official said, WeChat control is very simple, aimed at the bottom of the two-dimensional code sweep or concern Haier smart air-conditioning public account, and bind the home of intelligent air-conditioning can achieve WeChat control. Through WeChat, you can also turn the phone into an air conditioner remote control to facilitate the operation of air conditioning. “Users can not only complete the switch instructions, but also by voice, text input, etc. to adjust the air conditioning, such as boot, air conditioning to open; and then enter the 26 ℃, air conditioning can be adjusted to 26 ℃.” It is learned, and the original button Remote control compared to the use of WeChat control more like home and air-conditioning chat, the media that day bottles air conditioning is the industry’s first social air conditioning.

According to the refrigeration express understanding, the future Haier will have more support for Tencent WeChat and Tencent’s more services for the advent of heavyweight products, home appliances and the Internet in cross-border cooperation has a great imagination.

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