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haier portable air conditioner industrys only full line of products through the highest 5a intelligent certification

August 15, in the home and Suning cloud held a new portable air conditioner certification conference. National Certification and Accreditation Administration Committee, China Household Electrical Appliances Association, the Chinese Consumers Association, Ovidia net representatives of the industry authority and portable air conditioner manufacturers to attend the meeting. At the meeting, in the home for the participation of manufacturers issued intelligent certification. Which, Haier portable air conditioner production of all intelligent portable air conditioner through intelligent certification and access to 5A-level intelligence certification, a total of 29 series of 145 product models, becoming the industry’s only full line of products through the highest intelligence certification brand. It is understood that Haier all currently certified by the intelligent portable air conditioner models are equipped with self-cleaning patented technology.

It is understood that the release of the norms developed by the home-led, clearly put forward the home room air conditioner intelligent features, intelligent function of the technical requirements, intelligent technology, intelligent control system structure and intelligence level 5 aspects Of the detection and evaluation methods. This move to fill the gaps in the field of smart portable air conditioner standard, accelerate the promotion of smart portable air conditioner business to the popularity of intelligent portable air conditioner industry to guide the healthy development.

evaporative portable air conditioner

Among them, the intelligent level, the norms of the current market, the 24 kinds of intelligent function of the scoring, and all intelligent functions from the “safe, reliable, comfortable, easy to use, energy saving,” the five intelligence functions on the score summary, And then divided into A, B two grades. Haier intelligent portable air conditioner in the five intelligent function of the use of the score reached A-level, on behalf of the industry’s highest intelligence level, the right consumers to buy intelligent portable air conditioner to provide authoritative guidance.

Review of Haier portable air conditioner intelligent development process, from 2010, the first launch of the world’s first Internet of things portable air conditioner, to 2014 the industry’s first release of the wisdom of the air ecosystem, Haier to achieve the industry’s innovation and intelligent lead. At present, Haier portable air conditioner has taken the lead in the use of intelligent air ecosystem output 407 billion large data services for users, the introduction of the world’s first intelligent bionic inventions can be blown “natural wind” smart new products, and launch iterative self-cleaning, Linkage and intelligent voice, sense of uniform wind and cold sense of a number of the world’s first smart detection technology. Haier portable air conditioner is leading the industry into a smart universal popularity.

A Typical Representative of Haier Air – conditioning Intelligent False – start – Self – cleaning Technology as an Example. The evaluation of the professionals, Haier self-cleaning technology on behalf of the “evaporator self-cleaning function” is an important standard in the evaluation criteria, become the portable air conditioner industry, a benchmark on the road of intelligence. Previously, the portable air conditioner industry in the first “China Smart Room Air Conditioner Industry Development White Paper” on the Haier self-cleaning portable air conditioner as the representative of the “smart cleaning” is also specifically divided into a major feature of smart features into a smart portable air conditioner deep plowing market Of the classic case, much industry recognition. It is understood that Haier self-cleaning technology specifically for “dirty lung portable air conditioner,” the user pain point to create, to enhance the use of portable air conditioner experience to extend the life advantage of outstanding portable air conditioner. Listed one year, Haier intelligent self-cleaning portable air conditioner has accumulated sales of more than 100 million units, is the market’s best-selling smart portable air conditioner products, a strong consolidation of the Haier intelligent portable air conditioner industry leader position.

haier portable air conditioner industrys only full line of products through the highest 5a intelligent certification

China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said Xu Dongsheng, intelligent portable air conditioner has become the frequency of the market after the detonation of a new outlet, but also meet the requirements of the national supply side reform, the prospects are considerable. The release of the intelligent portable air conditioner standard, is conducive to promoting product performance, improve user experience, the development of China’s intelligent portable air conditioner significance of the guide. For Haier portable air conditioner, whether it is leading the adoption of intelligent evaluation, or won the A-level intelligent certification, are highly recognized for its intelligent technology. At present, Haier intelligent portable air conditioner market share has more than 6 percent, is expected to continue to reinforce the leading position of intelligence.

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