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haier portable air conditioner stores in the country more than 10,000 live self cleaning

2016, all kinds of sudden emergence of live, a time “live” has become the most eye-catching vocabulary. Haier portable air conditioner stores in the country more than 10,000, a special form of “live” is also growing. Hundreds of thousands of daily average of the “viewer” gathered in Haier self-cleaning portable air conditioner real machine demonstration area, the scene to watch self-cleaning portable air conditioner “bath.”

Haier portable air conditioner stores in the country more than 10,000 “live” self-cleaning

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December 8, in Qingdao Belden States United States Haier stores, live a self-cleaning machine to watch the demonstration of consumers, “through the face-to-face viewing real machine demonstration, both understand the principle, but also see the effect.” Haier portable air conditioner through visualization of the demonstration, the process of frosting heat exchanger, self-cleaning portable air conditioner before and after cleaning can be clearly presented to the user, so that users fully aware of the dangers of indoor air pollution. Haier has created an innovative, bold way of interacting with users to enhance the self-cleaning user group of healthy air awareness.

It is understood that “self-cleaning” has become the industry hot words, almost all brands are self-cleaning. But Haier portable air conditioner this seeing is self-cleaning “bathing” live in the industry is the first case. Haier dare to do seeing the show is based on its own technological innovation strength. Compared to the traditional way of condensing water cleaning, portable air conditioner, Haier self-cleaning heat exchanger is self-cleaning. Through the patent cold expansion technology strong stripping heat exchanger dirt, keep the internal clean. In addition, the surface of the heat exchanger silver ion antimicrobial coating can inhibit bacterial growth, antibacterial rate of 99.9%. In the new cold-year 2017 conference, Haier has iterative self-cleaning technology to achieve portable air conditioner indoor unit, outdoor unit can be self-cleaning.

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As Haier self-cleaning demonstration of the real effect of intuitive, community consumers after viewing the sales conversion rate as high as 80%, in various types of township stores is a “long queue to buy portable air conditioner” scene. Since listing in August last year, Haier self-cleaning portable air conditioner sales rose month by month. Up to now, Haier self-cleaning portable air conditioner sales have exceeded 2.8 million sets. Haier self-cleaning portable air conditioner “will take a bath,” the health of the image has been more well known to users.

With the concern of consumers of indoor air pollution, with a “self-cleaning” function of portable air conditioner to become the first choice for consumers, “self-cleaning” has become the phenomenon of portable air conditioner industry-level hot words. Self-cleaning portable air conditioner is Haier in the context of self-cleaning hot, seize market segments of a successful practice, but also intelligent portable air conditioner industry, the rapid development of a milestone on the road to maturity. The latest data show that Haier intelligent portable air conditioner for 34 consecutive months to over 60% market share of the industry first.

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