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haier portable air conditioner store every boss regarded it as a lifelong career

They said: Lifetime, only Haier portable air conditioner …. In the country, Haier portable air conditioner has nearly 40,000 stores. In the store owner’s eyes, this is a lifetime to the cause of hard work, to adhere to the dream.

So that the power of dreams boost more people’s dreams

Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, Chen Keqiang

This is a dream from the Haier portable air conditioner store in Fuzhou Chen Keqiang. Compared to the child dream When the scientist’s ignorance and youth dream to change the world’s rhetoric, his dream more ground gas, and with every step to practice:

Haier portable air conditioner 17 years ago from the start of service stores, his dream is to serve others, solve problems for others. For decades, everything he personally, even if the middle of the night received a phone call, will not hesitate to arrive on time to provide services. Down-to-earth principle of doing things and let him taste the taste of a dream come true, more and more people around him will come to him.

haier portable air conditioner store every boss regarded it as a lifelong career

17 years later, the original after-sales service shop has grown to more than 60 million adult-scale stores. But his dream never stopped, with the power of dreams to boost more people’s dreams.

Inherited his father, a total of keep a “Haier portable air conditioner dream”

Henan Zhengzhou Gong Chen

Zhengzhou, Henan, and his father Gongchen have a common dream: the concept of sincere service users from generation to generation down. His father fell ill, he inherited his father’s dream, starting from 0, but not stop at 1, again the young people’s innovative thinking into the store, a Haier portable air conditioner store, is the common cause of two generations of father and son, is common dream.

From a person’s career into a group of people’s dreams

Xinjiang Tulufan Liu Jingsheng

20 years ago, Liu Jingsheng opened the first store in Turpan – Haier portable air conditioner stores, which is the first Haier portable air conditioner store in Xinjiang. From then on, Liu Jingsheng had a cause for him to worry about, with bit by bit of effort, from one to two, the cause into a group of people dream! They work together to fight one thing, 20 early heart does not change, just for their hearts a common dream – “Lifetime, only Haier portable air conditioner!

black and decker portable air conditioner

Haier portable air conditioner stores for 20 years into the industry’s most longevity behind, is such a group of people into the cause of the cause, the cause into a dream, a person’s dream into two generations to inherit, a group of people to stick to Dreams, and even the power of dreams to help the community more people to realize their school dreams, employment dreams.

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