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haier portable air conditioner store evergreen 20 years

2016 real store situation is woeful, close the rent surrender tide swept the country, the 2862 county-level cities, without exception, a large-scale physical store closed phenomenon. In contrast, Haier portable air conditioner stores still maintain a growth rate of not less than 21%, and in December 10th ushered in the 20th anniversary celebration, becoming the most longevity in the history of the store.

In this regard, industry experts said that Haier portable air conditioner stores to live so long and achieve contrarian growth, and its user-centric business philosophy has always been inextricably linked. Haier portable air conditioner stores, to provide users with sincere service and products is the fundamental purpose, and this user thinking is the core of its secret to 20 years.

black portable air conditioner

Open up the last mile, it was a place where Haier portable air conditioner

The Internet allows businesses to quickly enter the era of the experience economy, users spend money is no longer a simple product, they want to experience to achieve further satisfaction. Once the consumer to buy home appliances, mostly to the store to understand the appearance of the product, parameters, prices after the decision to buy, but with the development of the Internet, the traditional store functions have been greatly weakened, the majority of consumers to online Exchange and online purchase.

However, this indirect two-way communication model, it is very easy because of asymmetric information arising from a variety of problems, such as consumers will be found in the delivery of goods inconsistent with their own aspirations, or size deviation, There may be in the installation, location adjustment and other aspects of trouble.

The online shopping problems appear to have just become a new online store opportunities, which also requires the store wants to compete in the Internet era to maintain a place, it must be closer to the user, able to provide users with the whole Process service experience.

From this perspective, Haier portable air conditioner store from the beginning to go on the road, walking in front of the industry. It is reported that Haier portable air conditioner stores from the beginning of the establishment of adherence to the “good neighbors every day,” the user concept, the tentacles into each village, the store opened to the user’s real side. With the user when the neighbors can be in-depth to the user’s life, to understand the needs of users in different regions to provide differentiated solutions, such as for poor water quality areas, stores can provide the ability to block the water in the sediment, to provide real Clean water bath clean water heaters and other products. And for the delivery, installation of poor conditions, the store can also give the first time solutions, such as Haier portable air conditioner service had crossed the 4239 meters above sea level Zhala Shan Pass, carrying electrical appliances sent to Guizhou Buyi village.

At present, Haier portable air conditioner has established nearly 40,000 stores, covering 98.7% of districts and counties, with 100,000 service soldiers, can provide users with access to products from the beginning to after-sales service of the whole process service system, truly a place where people have Haier portable air conditioner, which is also Haier portable air conditioner store for twenty years Evergreen has accumulated a strong user base.

Online and offline integration to promote community economic development

Undeniably, the rise of electric business to the traditional store has brought no small impact, but also for the line under the store “win over” the user has brought opportunities. “Internet +” has not led to the decline in real economic strength, on the contrary, “Internet +” to promote a variety of entities to the center of the industry to reform, for the physical industry (2016), “the Internet” The formation of “from the user needs, back to the user needs to” create a closed loop conditions.

In the double eleven electric business sales miracle of the day, the State Council issued the “on promoting physical retail innovation and transformation of the views”, but also to encourage online and offline integration of innovative economic situation. Haier portable air conditioner is also trying to line the integration of the new line of business, not only stores into the township, into the community, open to the user side, will also open the store to the line, through the platform to provide users with online platform Fusion of O2O experience.

At present, the Haier portable air conditioner store has been with the Shun shopping, Haier portable air conditioner mall, Yuncang, small cars, installation services across the board to open, based on community interaction, forming a collection of micro-business, electricity providers, Of the new community economic open ecological platform. In the O2O mode of the series, also play a micro-shopkeepers entrepreneurial platform, the store’s marketing platform, the traditional business transformation platform, the supply of resources R & D platform and other diversified effects. The final result of multi-effect aggregation is to allow users to truly enjoy the ultimate experience of the whole process. Up to now, Haier portable air conditioner Shun has accumulated 32 million micro-shopkeepers, and has joined the 30,000 Haier portable air conditioner stores, in the formation of the full range of user needs contacts at the same time, the real line of seamless integration under the line.

haier portable air conditioner store evergreen 20 years behindd that user thinking is the core of secret

Build an open platform allows users to determine their own products

Haier portable air conditioner store has been able to flourish, widely recognized by users, can not do without Haier portable air conditioner itself open platform development concept. In the research and development, Haier portable air conditioner has always insisted that “the world is my research and development department” to build an open innovation platform HOPE, and in the world to establish the top ten R & D center, global users, innovation and innovation resources to connect, Continuous innovation. In manufacturing, Haier portable air conditioner took the lead in building the world’s eight largest Internet factory, through the former joint research and development, after the user, and then open up the entire ecological value chain, integration of world-class resources under the premise of creating the best user experience the whole process. More importantly, the user in this process can participate in the whole process, personalized needs are also met.

In the world’s leading R & D strength and manufacturing strength under the Haier portable air conditioner era of the Internet launched a full set of smart appliances, such as washing the inner side of the laundry bucket-free washing machines, refrigeration equipment to achieve precision refrigeration refrigeration Haier portable air conditioner fully open drawer refrigerator, the world The first natural air-conditioning, etc., to provide consumers around the world with world-class quality of home appliances. In addition, Haier portable air conditioner has also launched a lot of “explosion”, from four into the space of the space refrigerator, not the subversive refrigeration compressor technology, and then just launched the “almost no water” washing technology … … Haier portable air conditioner is using one Of the explosion models, subversion of industry awareness, so that the word of mouth and win-win products.

At present, the Internet era to become more central to the trend, enterprises no longer have absolute control, the user has the opportunity to express their individual needs, in this case is particularly difficult to obtain the user’s reputation. The Haier portable air conditioner store by connecting the global manufacturing and R & D strength, better products, intimate and thoughtful service, and constantly meet the needs of customers, to achieve the brand from the strength of the user to create a win-win reputation. It is understood that, in order to Thanksgiving user support, Haier portable air conditioner will be during the anniversary of 20-year-old user to provide free updates and other promotions, continuing to output high-quality products and services for users.

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