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How to install environmentally friendly portable air conditioner more secure?

First, the environmental protection and energy saving wet curtain cooling fan should be installed in the outdoors, with fresh air operation, can not be used to return to the wind mode of operation! If conditions permit should be installed in a well ventilated place, the best wind transmission location in the middle of the building, as far as possible Shorten the installation pipeline.

Second, environmental protection and energy saving air-cooled industrial chillers made of steel welded, and to ensure that its structure can support the whole body and maintenance staff weight.

Third, the installation environment should have a smooth fresh air supply, do not let the cooler in the closed area of ​​the air supply work, if not enough open doors or windows, we must home improvement blinds, his displacement is 80% of the environmental air cooler, Of the air volume.

Fourth, the cooling fan, environmental protection, portable air conditioner, negative pressure fan installation should pay attention to do between indoor and outdoor watertight pipeline seal to prevent rain water leakage.

Fifth, the power supply should be equipped with air switch, power supply directly to the outdoor host.

Portable air conditioner outdoor unit should be installed in the outdoors, need new wind movement, shall not use the return air mode
If the conditions permit the host should be installed as far as possible in the ambient air quality is better. Do not install in the smell or smell gas outlet, such as polished, toilets, kitchen and so on. Environmental portable air conditioner can be installed on the wall, roof or outdoor floor, should avoid too long duct (such as -18 type). The general length of 15-20 meters is best, and as far as possible to reduce the duct bend or not bend. In this case,

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Environmental portable air conditioner host operation, to open a certain area of ​​the door or window, in order to ventilation, if there is not enough doors and windows, should be installed exhaust fan, and ensure that the amount of air displacement for the total air supply portable air conditioner 80%

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