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haier national demonstration portable air conditioner self cleaning function birth community economy

A group of consumers were Haier self-cleaning portable air conditioner real machine demonstration attracted a full stand for 20 minutes to watch. This is December 8 in Qingdao Belden Gome Haier portable air conditioner exhibition occurred in the scene. The same scene is the scene of thousands of Haier portable air conditioner stores staged. Because seeing is believing, Haier allows users to more intuitive experience to the self-cleaning portable air conditioner interest points, which a few square meters of the demo area also formed a store in the community economic effects. According to the latest data show that interactive demonstration-based real machine, as of now Haier self-cleaning portable air conditioner total sales reached 2.8 million sets.

Haier self-cleaning portable air conditioner community economic effect is built on self-cleaning products and fan groups between the emotional trust and value feedback. Through the visualization of the demonstration, the process of frosting heat exchanger frost can be clearly presented to the user, so that users of self-cleaning portable air conditioner has a profound intuitive feel. Haier self-cleaning portable air conditioner “bath” function is to portable air conditioner cleaning heat exchanger, patented by the cold expansion technology strong stripping heat exchanger dirt, indoor air to avoid secondary pollution.

Through the immediate demonstration of the real machine, portable air conditioner and consumers is no longer a simple function between the connection, but the formation of emotional resonance, to a certain extent, cultivate the concept of the health of consumers of air. Haier built in the store is a real self-cleaning portable air conditioner experience environment, and zero-distance interaction with the user. By watching the real-world demonstrations, more and more consumers who are concerned about the health of indoor air are gathering to form communities. In this process, a large consumer groups have a strong purchasing power, and ultimately complete the self-cleaning demonstration economy to the community economy transition.

Today, Haier portable air conditioner has been established to self-cleaning user-centric service model and product model, further deepening the line of user interaction. portable air conditioner stores in the country’s Haier, every day can be seen in small groups of consumers experience self-cleaning portable air conditioner real machine demonstration. “Self-cleaning” is a symbol of healthy air, and consumers are willing to pay for high-quality products, according to the data released by the ZDC Internet Consumer Research Center, “self-cleaning” users refer to as high as 71.2%.

haier national demonstration portable air conditioner self cleaning function birth community economy

It is understood that Haier is the only industry in the country dare to showcase the real portable air conditioner machine brand. Insiders pointed out that Haier self-cleaning portable air conditioner is a live demonstration of innovative, open user interaction. Compared to the industry’s prototype hawking, boot air supply of different traditional practices, Haier self-cleaning machine demonstration is the user thinking mode innovation. The user will be placed in the dominant position, zero distance interaction to create the best user experience of the new community economy, or Haier will continue to lead the industry self-cleaning key.

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